Twosday XXI

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Podcast Listened to During Car Rides

  1. You Made it Weird
  2. Totally Laime

Television Programming Watched on the Airplane

  1. Up All Night – I love me some Will Arnett
  2. 20 Under 20: Transforming Tomorrow –  My sister and I were both VERY interested in this show, which United showed one episode of during our flight.  We were super happy to learn that the season is available on Hulu Plus.


Games Played with the Family During Christmas Vacation [thus far]

  1. Scrabble Catch Phrase – my #1 tip for Catch Phrase = play to your audience!
  2. Scattergories – definitely near the top of the favorite family game night list!

Family Games Learned About at the Burton Christmas [but did not play]

  1. Wits & Wagers – this seems like a great one for our couples game nights we have with friends in Scotia.
  2. The Top 10 Game – being such a fan of list making [hello there, Twosday,] I’ve already added this to my post-Christmas must-buy list!


Hilarious Conversation from the Shugarman Christmas:

Aunt Christine: are there any Jack's in the family?Mom: Jack Daniels.
.@: how old is your daughter?Aunt Shelia: somewhere between 25 and 27

Deliciousness Enjoyed at the Shugarman Christmas:

  1. Italian beef sandwich – a must whenever we’re in the Midwest!
  2. Red wine, of course.


Gifts Found in My Stocking

  1. Olive oil soap my parents brought back from Greece
  2. Limited Edition Barnum’s Animal Crackers

Themes Found in the Gifts Left Under the Tree for Me

  1. Owls, of course! A puzzle, a necklace, kitchen towels, an ornament for the tree, and a set of salt and pepper shakers.
  2. Abraham Lincoln – perfect since I just watched Lincoln: The Untold Stories last week!  This awesome Abe Lincoln OMG! Bottle Cap Necklace from Mom and Dad and Tim Burton’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter from my little brother!


Movies Watched on Christmas Eve

  1. Big – it was the first time I’ve ever seen it; and thought I missed the first 30 minutes, I really enjoyed it. [enough that I’m spending the $4.99 to buy it on Amazon.]
  2. Elf – the must watch film with my siblings each year.  There’s a new TV in the big room upstairs and my sister and I were both impressed with what a noticeable difference the high definition had on the picture.  Buddy seemed to be in the room with us!

Adult Beverages I’m Enjoying this Christmas

  1. Woodchuck Winter Cider – from the Woodchuck website, “Somewhere between a delicate snowflake drifting down to your tongue and a hard-packed snowball to the teeth, the power of this winter Cider is a balanced culmination of Premium French and Traditional American Oak, giving the cider great complexity and broad characteristics that neither style could produce on its own.”
  2. Something delicious with muddled raspberries.  I see some bartending experiments in my future!


Desserts I Will Indulge in Tonight

  1. Beth Marie’s ice cream in holiday flavors.  My parents recently went for a scoop and brought back a few containers for us to share – Peppermint, Eggnog, and Hansel & Gretel, which is a gingerbread flavor!
  2. Pound cake with Lemoncello, which they brought back from their recent trip to Italy!

Lovely Stories Grandma & Grandpa Shugarman Shared with Me When I Asked About Their Christmas Memories from Their Youth

  1. When Grandma was 15 or 16 years old, she really, really wanted a typewriter for Christmas. [a ha! That’s were the writing comes from!]  Her mom [our Busha!] apologized, looking very sad, explaining that they just couldn’t afford a new fancy typewriter that year.  A few days before Christmas, Grandma was snooping in the attic and she uncovered a typewriter that her Dad had been saving up to buy for her.
  2. Grandpa remembers painting a winter scene mural on the picture window at the house when he was a teenager.  As he was telling us about it, he mentioned that he wants to start painting and drawing again!  Grandpa is a talented artist and has an awesome charcoal drawing hanging on the living room wall to prove it. [somehow, I missed that creative gene.]


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  1. Julie

    We actually got the Top 10 game for free at a garage sale nearly a year ago, but we still haven’t played it. We’ll break it out when you come to visit!

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