Daily Archives: December 11, 2012

Twosday XIX


Small Health Goals I’m Focusing on this Week

  1. Tea for coffee swap. Now that the weather has gotten colder, darker and drearier, I’ve found myself choosing coffee more and more, again and again throughout the workday.  One day last week I had four cups before I left the office! This week I’m vowing unsweetened hot tea [I have a variety of flavors at the office!] over coffee when I want something warm.
  2. 600 reps. [I love goals in which I work towards a large sum!] I want to do some sort of strength training 4 times this week. Each workout I’m going to do a variety of 5 exercises, 3 sets of 10 reps. 5 x 3 x 10 x 4 = 600.

Holiday Music I’m Working Out While Listening To

  1. Christmas Workout Playlist from Rachel – Though her list was created for spinning, and never have I spun, I took a bunch of the suggestions to make my own mix for my at-home workouts. I love the variety on Rachel’s list – full of favorites I’ve had for a while and introduced me to some new tunes perfect to sweat to in the month of December.
  2. Holiday Running Playlist from Meghann – Full of fun poppy songs by the likes of the Glee cast, Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Hanson, Destiny’s Child and more! This playlist has proven to keep me moving on days I’m feeling lazy. So upbeat and fun! [this may also become a “dance around the kitchen making cookies” mix, soon 😉


Food Gifts from Julie I’m Devouring this Week

  1. DIY Popcorn & Seasonings Gift. Cinnamon Sugar, Cheesy Italian Herb, and Cheddar Garlic, oh my!
  2. Strawberry Red Wine Jam – on toast. and crackers. and later this week, perhaps I’ll spread it in-between the layers of a grilled cheese.

Food Gifts I’m Considering Making for the Neighbors

  1. Garlic Thyme Olive Oil – made from oven pouching garlic in a pot of EVOO heavily seasoned with thyme, letting it infuse for two days, then straining. Easy breezy.
  2. Barbeque Spice Rub – part of Cassie’s awesome Handmade Holiday series on Back to Her Roots. 


Gifts to Give to Inspire Health

  1. Filtrete High Performance Drinking Water System with Maximum Filtration Plus – This little system is installed under the sink and includes a dedicated slim faucet for filtered water.  I was sent one to review this fall and have been really happy to have it at home.  Nick did the installation, and he said it was simple if you had a basic common sense in following instructions.  I enjoy having filtered water easily poured straight from the tap, rather than having to fill a pitcher and have it filter before drinking.  Having this faucet has motivated me to drink more water, too – I’ve been filling up my bottle much more regularly in the evenings and on the weekends.  Call it new toy effect, perhaps, but whatever it is, it’s keeping me better hydrated.
  2. Tiger Tail – if you have a runner or cyclist on your gift list this year, I can’t suggest a Tiger Tail enough!  I used to use mine after long runs and speed workouts, but now I use it after every run, no matter the speed or distance. It really helps to prevent and lessen the muscle pain I experience after a hard workout.  If my legs are sore before a workout, I’ll use the Tiger Tail to loose them up before my run, too.

Proof Benson is Spoiled

  1. All he needs to do is stand near the porch door and meow once before I open it to let him out.
  2. We have a system for rotating the types of food he eats so he doesn’t get bored with his meals.


Weekly Habits I’ve Gladly Found Myself In

  1. Watching Flashpoint [we’re currently on season 3] late at night while munching on an at-home movie-theater inspired snack – warm, buttery popcorn with a handful of peanut and peanut butter m&m’s thrown in.  Holy melty deliciousness, Batman!
  2. Purchasing my favorite song from the week after watching the latest episode of Glee.

Glee Songs Most Recently Purchased

  1. Don’t Dream it’s Over [though I really wanted the Rachel solo performance of O Holy Night, too – it’s not available on Itunes or Amazon]
  2. Some Nights – so, yes. It would appear I am a fan of a the group numbers

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