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Celebrate Your Life


Celebrate Your Life
by Megan Orcholski 

Earlier this year, I turned 30. Unlike most people in the world who dread getting older or hush their day of birth, I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love celebrating, I love cake, I love gifts, and I love being able to jump for joy that I am still alive! I always have a wonderful birthday, but this year, I didn’t want to only celebrate for a day. I didn’t even want to celebrate for a week- I wanted a whole month! I was planning to do fun things each day, but I thought….wouldn’t it be great if other people could do them with me if they wanted!?!?!? So much birthday happiness for EVERYONE!

  • I posted on my Facebook each day what I was doing to celebrate that day with a link to a blog post that explains why and how it fits in the context of my life. I encouraged others to either just read and enjoy or to also do the joyful activity in their own lives.
  • I teach oral interpretation and love theater. Thus, I’ve planned the 30-day celebration with the same dramatic pattern of a good story. We started on October 1st, built rising action toward my birthday, climax on the 25th (My actual birthday!) and then had 4 days of dénouement. Halloween had its own day, so we pretty much celebrated my birthday for 30 days, then wore costumes. Perfection.

This started as something fun I wanted to do to celebrate my 30th birthday. I love an excuse to do happy, wonderful things and turning 30 seemed like a perfectly legitimate reason to openly celebrate for an entire month. But I wanted people to be able to celebrate with me, so I planned to post my happenings on Facebook. As I started telling people my plan and getting excited, I realized it might be fun to do one thing on day 1, two things on day 2, etc. Then someone said, “you should match the activities with your years.” Excellent idea!

37223_1512950386057_1303323791_1402237_3612952_nWhen I began thinking about what I would do each day, I realized I was thinking of very specific events in my life that had a story or lesson. I really wanted to be able to share these things, write them down and use these to reflect on my life and who I am. Because even though a good percentage of the motivation to do this is the pure bliss of doing fun and happy things, there is a bittersweet chunk. I’m happy to still be alive. There are a lot of people in my life who were once alive and aren’t anymore. I sometimes ponder why they are not still alive but I am. I have also been through many things. 30 Days of Megan gave me the opportunity to explore how these events have shaped me and made me who I am. Then, as I shared with others, they were also getting to celebrate life and themselves.

This was a celebration of life.
Megan style.

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