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Coffee Before it was Cool


A couple of weeks ago, the largest box in all the land was delivered to my office. [Caroline captured the largeness quite well]  A crowd gathered around my desk as I broke through the packaging tape to get to the goods inside. It was a Mr. Coffee Latte I was sent to review…


… and this awesome marketing board filled with goodies for enjoying the coffee house feel at home.


If you follow my social media accounts, by now you probably know that I am totally in love with this machine.  The winning over started immediately after I opened up that box.  I love the “Mr. Coffee did coffee before it was cool” theme of this campaign.  All of the goodies I received we aimed to bring all the best parts about coffee shop visiting home.


I woke up eagerly that Saturday morning, ready to get my latte making station set and enjoy a fancy beverage while I started my day.  After reading through the short and simple instruction guide, I got ready for my first experience with the Mr. Coffee Latte.  And then I just couldn’t stop!!  As a matter of fact, less than 24 hours after opening the Mr. Coffee Latte machine we had already run the machine ten times. 


I made my first cup of goodness using pumpkin flavored coffee, pumpkin pie spice, and half and half.  And then I made another, followed by a latte made with Golden Gate Java blend. Then we started experimenting with tea lattes, and then with hot chocolate. We had a few visitors over the next evening – everyone received a mug of deliciousness from the Mr. Coffee Latte.


OH! I’ve jumped ahead of myself telling you all about how much we love this little machine, but barely telling you a thing about it.  [I think they call that gushing uncontrollably in rambly emotion.] So, what is the Mr. Coffee Latte you ask? 

It’s a dual working machine – it brews while it foams.
So while the coffee, espresso, or tea is brewing, the milk or cream is getting frothy.  It is super easy to operate.  Coffee and water go in the top, like in a regular old drip pot.  The water level is labeled and very easy to read, so you don’t need to measure ounces out but can just pour to the level line.  Your milk goes in the bottom, along with any sweeteners or seasonings/flavors.  Power the machine and it does all the work.  After the brewing is done, it streams into the pot contains the already frothing milk.  The two liquids blend together to make a creamy beverage with a ton of foam.


Let me break it down for you, + / – style, on the Mr. Coffee Latte:

+ Super easy to operate.  Emphasis on the super.

– The pot can not be submerged. It’s all electric and stuff, which means I’m super parinoid about ruining it each and every time I wash it.

– Each and every time I wash it means approximately 90 seconds after pouring the beverage. I’m the kind of kitchen cleaner who likes to do a sink full of dishes at once and this thing has been throwing off my rhythm. [aka: laziness]

+ I was expecting so much more noise while the machine was in use. I’m happy to report that you can barely tell it’s running while your in the same room as it.

– Lack of temperature control on the end result. The machine finishes brewing into the pot well before it stops foaming. I wish I could set the machine to stop foaming when the beverage reaches a certain temperature.

+ You can make hot chocolate and such, too!! There is an option for the heat & foam mode only.  Perfect fancy hot chocolate machine for when my friends’ children come to visit this winter 🙂

+ Also perfect for the beverages for adults, too.  We made some Hazelnut Baileys Lattes this past weekend in the Mr. Coffee Latte.  It would seem Mr. Coffee knows how to party.

– It only holds two servings worth of beverage at the time, meaning when we have guests over for coffee hour, we’re running it several times. [though, this way everyone can have a different flavor, I suppose.]

+ The quality of the drink, especially the foam.  It should be noted that a couple people I know who own a coffee shop are seriously impressed, especially for the price. [on the Mr. Coffee Latte site it’s $99 – & spoiler alert: I’ve got a coupon code at the end of the post.] 


A few of my favorite Mr. Coffee Latte creations thus far:

  • Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Green Tea brewed into a foaming mixture of milk, half and half, and a little sugar.
  • Golden Gate Java blend [from J. Watt’s Barista House] brewed into a foaming mixture of milk and a spoonful of caramel syrup.
  • Coconut loose leaf tea [from The Whistling Kettle] brewed into a foaming mixture of milk.
  • Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea or Stash Green Chai Tea brewed into a foaming mixture of milk and honey.


Does this little machine sound like the perfect gift for your favorite fancy coffee lover this holiday season?  GREAT NEWS!! The Mr. Coffee® brand is extending a special offer to THS readers: $10 off and free shipping on the purchase of a Café Latte at mrcoffeelatte.com. Enter promo code: MLAT10A

Now, who’s coming over for coffee and chit chat?