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Twosday XVIII

Major December Goals I’m Working Towards:

  1. Reach 104+ new members over at HealthyLivingBlogs.com! Are you a blogger interested in learning more about membership?  Check out the Members page to learn more! 
  2. Lose 2 pounds.  I’m determined not to gain any weight during the month known for holiday treats, endless buffets, and family meals.  I also know expecting myself to lose 1 pound a week throughout the month (my usual weight lose goal) would limit my enjoyment of the holidays – especially when I’m traveling at the end of the month. A two pound weight loss seemed like a good compromise between staying uber strict and letting it ALL go.

Mini Goals to Help Reach the Major Goals

  1. Share about our December Member Referral Drive in four ways: directly on HLB [check!], on THS [check!], through social media, and direct contact with members.
  2. Keeping track of fitness minutes. I’m tallying them up in a hopes to reach 620+ total minutes spent working it out.  This is the kind of goal that really motivates me and keeps me on my game. I’ve got my spreadsheet ready for keeping track!

2013 Goal

K-cup Flavors I’m Loving at the Office

  1. Caribou DayBreak Morning Blend – I recently decided that Caribou Coffee’s Caribou Blend is on my Top 5 favorite home brew coffee choices and when I saw their morning blend [note: extra caffeine!] was on sale from the local office supply store [24 Kcups for $8.99!] we use at work, I added it to my cart right away. It’s so smooth – delicious!
  2. Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee – Sometimes I try a flavored coffee and if I don’t add a sweetener to my cup, the flavor seems a bit off; does this happen to anyone else? The Butter Toffee flavor from Gloria Jean’s is AWESOME on it’s own, though! I love sipping on it black or with a splash of milk.

Teas I Love in Latte Form [Brew tea. Froth tea & milk. Sometimes with honey. YUM!]

  1. Stash Chai Green – Easily my favorite for a weekend afternoon when I need a pick me up in between tasks. 
  2. Coconut Loose Leaf – This stuff is from The Whistling Kettle, one of my favorite local lunch spots.  The afternoon tea is a favorite order [so many choices!] and I always buy a couple different sample bags when I visit to brew on my own at home.  This Coconut Black Tea is a favorite as a breve, too!


Podcast Episodes I Recommended to Friends Last Week

  1. The JV Club Episode 38 with guest Tess Rafferty – a good convo all around, but noted for the discussion on body image, sizing, and weight over the decades.
  2. Double X Podcast: The Nobody’s Business Edition – this is a new favorite subscription of mine, and I was happy to hear them tackle the article I had seen all over my social media, The War on Men.

Attractions Found at Holiday on the Ave in the Village of Scotia on Sunday

  1. Gingerbread House contest entries display.  I was very impressed with one contestants use of ring pops as giant out door Christmas lights. 
  2. Balloon Extravaganza – This guy was AWESOME.  He takes something that could totally be mocked in a comedy sketch as completely outdated [balloon animals] and has turned it into ART.  I saw such a variety of shapes and designs come out of the room this guy was working in and the line was full of children ALL AFTERNOON LONG.


Netflix Live Streaming TV Series Recommendations:

  1. Best Food Ever.
    network: TLC
    seasons available: one
    of note: voiced by John Goodman, this show is one part travel channel one part food network.  Makes me want to road trip for deliciousness.  Also makes me sad I didn’t know about Clover Food Truck back when we were in Cambridge for Summit weekend.
  2. Wilfred
    network: FX
    seasons available: one [for now – it was recently picked up for a THIRD season, so I’d bet more are coming]
    of note: Elijah Wood is depressed and troubled and starts seeing things.  And by things I mean his girl next door neighbor’s dog appears to be a human in costume and therefore, obviously, becomes his friend.  They hang out and do life together.  The dog’s name is, you guessed it, Wilfred. It’s better than it sounds, I promise. The Australians did it first.

Netflix Live Streaming Comedy Special Recommendations:

  1. Moshe Kasher Live in Oakland
  2. Roast of Bob Saget

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