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Last Week Listens

It’s been a very podcasty last few days. I loaded up my IPod with a fresh playlist to listen to while traveling back to New York from Dallas very early Thursday morning. You’ll notice I tried to fit in every Holiday episode I could to listen to before 2013 in an effort to wrap up the Christmasness in a nice little 2012 bow.  Here’s what I’ve listened to in the few days.


  1. Kumail Nanjiani and Becky Reams – Dining with Doug and Karen
    Listened to: Thursday morning, while on the plane from Dallas to Newark.
  2. The Hobbit and The Habit of Storing Your Stuff – NPR: Pop Culture Happy Hour
    Listened to: Thursday morning, while on the plane from Dallas to Newark
    Worth noting: I was in and out of the Hobbit talk, but was really interested in the talk about digital vs. physical entertainment and the storage of such.
  3. 21 – Soulmated! – Totally Married
    Listened to: Thursday morning, while walking through Newark
  4. Ep 52 – Happy Holidays – The Because Show
    Listened to: Thursday afternoon, while seated at gate C 136, with a Jamba Juice in hand
    Worth noting: The Because Show is one of my favorite shows – if you’re not listening to it yet, give it a try.
  5. Elna Baker: A Mexican Morman Christmas – The Moth Podcast
    Listened to: Thursday afternoon, while waiting to and boarding the plane at Newark.
    Worth noting: A laugh out loud-able story. I’d actually heard this story on another podcast before, but it’s so hilarious I deemed it worth another listen.
  6. 22 – “Suck” Them! – Totally Married
    Listened to: Thursday afternoon, while waiting for the plane to be weighed and measured, for the flight crew to inform us we were too heavy to fly [thanks Christmas pie!], and through the arrangements being made of United bribing two people to get off the flight.
  7. Josh and Ross 12/18/12 – Joss and Ross
    Listened to: Thursday afternoon, while in the air from Newark to Albany, grocery shopping and the putting away of groceries, and while doing the dishes.
    Worth noting: This is the first episode of the Joss and Ross show I’ve listened to, and I’m so happy I came across it.  If you’re a fan of Chelsea Lately, I’d suggest trying this one out.  Ross Matthews is my favorite person in the land of Chelsea, and he and Josh are really entertaining bouncing off of one another. A+ comedy conversation.
  8. 23 – Xmas Eve Cat Poop! – Totally Married 
    Listened to: Thursday night, while unpacking all of the bags I managed to fly home from Dallas with.
  9. #482: Lights, Camera, Christmas! – This American Life
    Listened to: Friday morning, while on a[nother] trip to the grocery store and prepping the ingredients I would need the next day for Nick’s birthday celebration. And doing the dishes again.
    Worth noting: So many great Christmas stories.  As you would expect from This American Life
  10. 24 – Confessional! – Totally Married
    Listened to: Friday afternoon, while cleaning the bathroom, opening the mail, and taking out the trash in the snow.
    Worth noting: Elizabeth opens up and shares from her heart. I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Laime for a while now, and her “confessional” gives me such an appreciation for Totally Married, where she and her husband, Andy, share their lives and experiences and advice with listeners.
  11. The Moth Radio Hour: Episode 1010 – The Moth Podcast
    Listened to: Friday afternoon, while baking shortbread and making banana cream pie.
    Worth noting: I plan to listen to the Radio Hour online every week now.
  12. Judd Apatow – The Nerdist
    Listened to: Friday evening, while wrapping a few gifts for friends, cleaning off the kitchen table [which has become a ridiculous catch all of any and all things], and playing fetch with Benson.
  13. Catherine Smyka & Lisa Schuldt: StorySLAM Favorites – The Moth Podcast
    Listened to: Friday night, while doing the dishes, sweeping the kitchen and folding some laundry.
    Worth noting: Great story telling sharing bits about being human. Heart warming. Worth a listen.
  14. Approaching Ira Glass – True Story
    Listened to: Saturday morning, while making a latte and cutting veggies into dipper sizes. and doing some dishes. again.
    Worth noting: Another great story telling podcast.  This was the first episode of True Story I’ve listened to; happily subscribed.
  15. Sarah Silverman & Andy Windak – Dining with Doug and Karen
    Listened to: Saturday late morning, while making breakfast pizza and setting out the donut bites.
    Worth noting: I really love that my favorite podcast worlds are coming together. [Andy [from The Table Set podcast by Homefries] on a Nerdist podcast hosted by my favorite comedian, Doug Benson.  It’s a pop culture love fest in my ears!]
  16. Carly Craig – The JV Club
    Listened to: Saturday afternoon, while preparing buffalo chicken dip, and setting out the snacks.
  17. Mike Birbiglia – You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
    Listened to: Sunday morning, while organizing photos and files on my computer.
  18. Holiday Stores 2 – RISK! 
    Listened to: Sunday morning, while cleaning up the party mess and making scrambled egg muffins. and doing the dishes. again.

Coming up through my ear buds, I’m giving some new shows a try and spending some time catching up from my “Podcast for Later Listing” list – my holding place for podcasts when I get really far behind clearing out the queue.  I’m also super excited to finally listen to the 12 Guests of Xmas III episode of Doug Loves Movies.  [I’ve been saving it so Nick and I can listen together.]


What podcast have you been listening to lately?

Top 5: Favorite Holiday Candies

The sugary treats I’ve been eating this month…


1. Mini Peppermint Candy Canes – classic, and extra adorable. [mini is always adorable, right?] Perfect for a post lunch treat, a stir in a mug of hot chocolate, or crushed up atop some ice cream.


2. Brachs Christmas Peppermint Nougats – these have been a favorite since I was young.  I ALWAYS buy an extra bag after the holidays to enjoy well into the new year. [I’m a pro at rationing treats.] 


3. Hershey’s Kisses Candy Cane – A delicate mint candy with stripes and tiny little candy bits throughout.  


4. Mint Chocolate M&M’s – if you couldn’t tell by now, I have a thing for mint 😉  These little beauties are especially nice for holiday baking; Liz has a great recipe for Chocolate Mint M&M Cookies.


5. Queen Anne Cordial Blueberries – only about one hundred times better than cherries.  Bought these this year on a whim and we’ve been loving them over at THS HQ.

What are your favorite seasonal candies?