Daily Archives: November 9, 2012

Cravings on a Friday

Time for another look at what I’m hoping for this weekend: Weekend Cravings!  [If you don’t know Katy, the lovely lady behind the Weekend Cravings craze, check out her blog.  She’s a darling woman with a heart threaded in kindess and gentleness, and a soul moved by beautiful noise and inspirational stories.  I cherish her, and I bet you’ll dig her, too!]



This weekend I’m craving:

  • The start of a new book.  I have two large stack of books I’ve been borrowing for FAR too long; one from Jen and one from Julie.  Since Savvy Thanksgiving 2012 is now only weeks away[!!!], I hope to finish at least ONE of the books from Julie in order that I can return it to her during our trip to Ithaca.  Starting one tonight sounds like a good plan to me!

  • Speaking of Jen – I’ll be cheering her on long-distance style as she runs her FIRST FULL MARATHON this weekend in Richmond, VA.  Kill it, lady!! 
  • Time working on my 2013 Goals I mentioned this past Twosday.  I haven’t had a lot of time to tackle this throughout the week [my schedule REALLY got away from me thanks to some killer migranes and a busy work week] and I definitely want to make sure I carve out some time over the next few days to work on my draft.

  • A call to my parents.  I’ve been missing them like crazy this week, which is making me even more excited for my Christmas Vacation plans 🙂  [I just love this super old photo of Mom and toddler me!]
  • Time to be crafty.  I have a whole list of creative ideas that have popped into my head over the past few weeks that I just haven’t made time to accomplish, yet.  Knitting, paper crafts, and a start on handmade holiday gifts are in the plans.

  • Wine. Because, really, when am I not craving wine?


What are you craving this weekend??