Twosday XV

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Halloween Candy I Indulged in Just Short of “Over”

  1. Peanut M & M’s. The adorable harvest blend. With Yellow dressed as a scarecrow. Who could say no?
  2. Mini Reece’s Cups. So delightful. So glad they’re out of my house.

Ways I’ve Impressed Myself Lately

  1. I’ve been forcing myself to take a REAL, away from my desk, not doing ANY work, lunch break at the office every day that it’s possible.  This is something I’ve never been able to pull off in the past; I’d more often than not just work through lunch or do some sort of HLB or blog work during my lunch break. Since I’ve started making the time away a priority, I’ve noticed a more productive and much more pleasant afternoon. 

    Sometimes I go for a walk, listen to a podcast, watch day time television [I love The Talk!], or play brick-breaker on my phone.  Sometimes I relax on the floor of an unused office, focus on my breathing and posture. I can see that these times away from Excel spreadsheets and emails is causing an improvement in my health.

  2. I’ve got a bit of a start on Christmas shopping. I have one large gift for Nick done, plus part of the gifts for both of my siblings, some friends, and my mother.  Dad is always ridiculously difficult to shop for, but I feel like my lead on everyone else will help me feel balanced on the preparedness front by the time next month rolls around.  Oh! I’ve even already wrapped one of the gifts!  BOOYAH!


Speaking of Christmas: Legs of my Awesome Upcoming Christmas Vacation

  1. Leg 1: Downtown Chicago with my parents and sister [!!!], Getting to see the Shugarman Grandparents in Wisconsin [!!!], and making it to my first Burton Christmas in years [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]  The Burton Christmas is the annual celebration that my Maternal Grandfather, my Great Uncle and their Cousins put together each year; It’s three generations [I’m the oldest of the youngest generation] and it’s always so much hanging out with such a large group of Burtons.  It’s been a decade since I’ve been to one of these gatherings and I’m stoked!
  2. Leg 2: My parents and sister and I will be on our first flight together since we moved from Wisconsin to Texas in 2003.  I’ll be having another awesome Very Denton Christmas! I get to see my little brother Rob and spend some quality time at the Manor.  I can’t wait to see all of my mother’s trees decorated to perfection!  And my dad’s village will definitely be better than ever!  I’m so happy to have another Christmas the five of us – I haven’t been with them the past two years.  Oh, how I love my trips to Denton!   Any of my D-town blends want to get together for some cocoa and cookies? 

Favorite Meals Made on the Dozen Challenge Thus Far

  1. Jenna’s bean soup. I made enough to freeze a BUNCH to eat throughout the winter.  This is a recipe I’ve made a handful of times in the past few years and tends to be a cold weather staple for office lunches and easy dinners.
  2. Rachel Ray’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  I jotted this recipe down on an index card from a book in my mom’s collection back when when we all lived in Southeast Texas.  I made it once a couple years after that, and filed it away to keep for later.  I’m so happy later came this month!  This is a pizza recipe I plan to rely on for pizza and game nights in the future.


The Most Magical Birthday Care Packages Contain

  1. Birthday Cake Oreos
  2. Tiny boxes of wine.

Songs on the #30DaysofMegan Soundtrack I made for Megan’s 30th Birthday I Can’t Get Out of My Head These Days

  1. Dancing in the Streets – The Mama’s and the Papa’s
  2. Suddenly I See – KT Tunstall


November Goals I’m Focused On

  1. No Take Out/Dine Out November.  At least, that’s what we’re calling it at the office.  My friend Kristine and I had noticed a trend in our lunches and dinners the past few months which we both were not happy about.  I’ve gotten so lazy relying on someone else preparing my meals for me the past several weeks.
  2. Drafting My 2013 Goals. I’m scheduling myself some time each week to do some creative planning, dreaming, and list making for what I want to do next year.  In my office life, with HLB, in my personal life, in fitness, in health, and more.  I have been feeling a bit out of sorts for a while now, and I recently realized a lack of direction may be causing my frustration with certain things.

Unexpected DIY Fun Recently

  1. Scented wax melts in adorable shapes.  Using what used to be candy molds to reform the heated wax into hearts and stars makes my personal use preference a breeze.  I like to switch my fragrances often. [I have at least 20 scents in the house right now.]  Melting the entire bar at first use, then pouring the completely melted contents in smaller sized mold is the perfect way to switch up my scents as often as I please.  I just burn one or two small pieces at a time.
  2. Tie Dye.  I have been storing a stack of white clothing and linens [and adding to it!] for dying since the last time I tie dyed – Summer 2011.  I woke up early Saturday morning and started cleaning out the closet in which they were kept.  Before I knew it, I was sitting on the living room floor with a jar of rubber bands, preparing the lot for a dip into the RIT.  I am OH SO HAPPY with the results of each of the five pieces I recreated.  It’s a rare occurrence that I completely like every part of what I see in the end on my craft projects; I’ll take it! 


Pizza’s Created This Weekend

  1. Harvest Pizza. First, I tossed roasted sweet potato, parsnips, carrots, red onion, with EVOO, fresh rosemary and minced garlic. I made the vegetable pieces small, so roasting took about 30 minutes or so. I added the mixture to the top of an olive oil brushed prepared crust.* Then sprinkled the top of the pizza generously with Gorgonzola crumbles. Baked at 350 for 12 minutes, then turned off the oven and kept the pizza in for 4 more minutes. Perfect crust, perfect blend of autumn flavors. And the cheese? BEYOND perfection.
  2. Breakfast Pizza. Nick used an expletive in his explanation of how good this pizza was, which is hilarious because I did very little to make this pizza dream come true. Breakfast sausage from the local butcher, scrambled eggs, and [here’s where I think the taste buds were truly won over] a trio of shredded cheese: a layer of Monterrey Jack cheese followed by a layer of extra sharp cheddar followed by a layer of smooth white cheddar. Baked the same way; 12 minutes at 350, and 4 minutes more after you turn off the oven.

One Word Responses I Most Often Use

  1. Clearly.
  2. Shocking.


*Our local market carries them from a local bakery and I’m such a fan! The ingredients list is short, which always makes me happy and the price is right for an easy dinner.

p.s. some of the items I share [because I love them & think you’ll love them, too!] and link to on this post are available for sale in my amazon affiliate store. I’d love if you made amazon purchases through my store – you can search and shop for ANY item on Amazon as you normally would, by following this link. It helps to keep THS alive and well. xo

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20 thoughts on “Twosday XV

  1. sarah @ sarah learns

    i have never ever tie dyed anything before. i love that you’ve been feeling crafty! i’ve been paying more attention to why i do the things i do (i just read the happiness project, which i credit my sudden interest in this) and i’ve found that i LOVE when i take the time to do craft projects! i’m making it more of a priority.

    also, yay for wisconsin and so many fun family christmas time ahead! i’m excited for you. 🙂 i’m also very impressed that you’ve begun christmas shopping. i’ve got nothing. no ideas. no lists. i don’t even know who i’m all buying gifts for! i should get on that…
    sarah @ sarah learns recently posted..project life: 10.28.12-11.3.12

  2. kelsnotchels

    YES!! YESSSSS!!!! cookies and cider and caroling and HUGGGGGS!!!

    Denton wants you here NOW!!

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