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Get Your Act Together Cravings

Another weekend is upon us, and I certainly feel like this past week has gone by in a flash!
Things at the office are incredibly busy, which is making each day fly by.  I’ve said “Wait! How is it 4:00, already?!” the past four days, and it hasn’t gotten old yet. 

I have some PTO which needs to be used up before the end of the end of the year [yes! it’s true – tomorrow it will be December].  I’ve scheduled some afternoons off from the office, and today happens to be one of those afternoons.  Left work at 1:00 PM and have been singing “get the weekend started” to the tune of “Get the Party Started" all day long. 

Due to my busy work schedule, I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts and off my game in some of the non-work areas of my life.  I’m determined to put a stop to these feelings ASAP, which brings us to Weekend Cravings, the get your act together edition!  [If you don’t know Katy, the lovely lady behind the Weekend Cravings craze, check out her blog!]


This weekend I’m craving…


planning, plotting, organizing, and dreaming for the next 13 months.  I’ve got a stack of tools ready to go: 2013 wall calendar and date book, brand new notebooks and list making pads, and a whole grouping of my favorite pens and pencils. Let the list-fest begin!

correspondence.  Birthday greetings to share [ahem.], holiday wishes to send, two ideas to pitch, a phone call with my parents (We’re in a pretty epic game of phone tag at the moment.  Mostly due to my inability to keep my phone charged and off of silent.) and a trip to the post office to send love across the country; getting it done and connecting with people I love to know and admire and enjoy working with!


writing time in a quiet room.  I’ve been completing internet to-do list items each evening after work for the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t been spending much time writing down words that I’ve been meaning to write.  I have dozens of drafts started – for THS posts, of course, but also a TON of HLB things I need to work on, complete and polish. I need to remove myself from all noise and distraction and see what I can let spill out my fingertips, for sure.

crafting time while watching television.  Instead of being productive internet-wise while emptying my Hulu queue [a habit I am no doubt addicted to], I plan to work on a few homemade holiday gifts I’ve decided on for a few friends and family members. I hope to finish some knitting and paper projects I’ve got going on and get a start on a little something new, too.


a warm adult beverage. We picked up some Baileys from the local liquor store recently and I’m dreaming up a tasty ingredient combo to give a spin this weekend. We’ve sipped on small glasses of the Baileys on it’s own [and I must say, YUM!], but haven’t mixed it with anything yet. I see a Hazelnut Baileys Latte in my future!

What are you craving this weekend??

Twosday XVII

Awesome at Home Work Outs I’ve Done This Weekend

  1. 180 Abs from Fresh Life Findings – it’s simple. Four exercises. 15 sets each. Twice through.  That’s an 8-set workout to-do list I can get behind.  Even though this only takes a little bit of time, I found it to be a great workout!  It got my heart rate up and I even broke an unexpected sweat, which doesn’t always happen when I’m doing ab work.
  2. Courtney’s No Equipment Needed Workout – Another great, simple workout to rely on from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.  Three of my go-to living room or back office workouts come from Courtney’s workout pages.  This one is added to the list of favorites to rely on, for sure.

YouTube Videos Cool Enough to Share

Movies I’ve Never Seen

  1. The Sound of Music
  2. Any of the Star Wars films

Movies I Watch at Least Twice Each Holiday Season

  1. The Family Stone – though I could watch this film any time of year; it’s on the tip top of my favorite movies list. Love the cast. Love the writing. Love the family. Love SJP. Love.
  2. Elf – I already have a plan to watch with my little brother, Rob, when I’m in Texas for Christmas 🙂 [though I’ll probably watch it at least twice before I get to Texas, too!] When we evacuated for two weeks due to Hurricane Rita back in 2005, Rob and I watched Elf every single night. It’s a modern classic for sure.

Recommended Nerdist Programing on You Tube

1. Write Now with Jimmy Pardo.  Nick and I watched the first four episodes back to back last week and have since rewatched one of the episodes four times, because we keep making our friends sit down to watch it with us: 

2. Neil Patrick Harris Dreams in Puppets – It premieres on the Nerdist Channel TODAY!!  I’ve been excited to see what NPH was going to be delivering when I first heard it was coming on the Nerdist podcast way back at the start of the Nerdist YouTube channel and this behind the scenes video had me SERIOUSLY counting down since last week!

Extra Bonus Awesome Things About Having the Internet

  1. Leaving things in my cart whilst online shopping, allowing a week of time to go buy before JUMPING on a purchase.  Especially helpful with all the Christmas shopping I’ve been doing!
  2. Daily shows in my Hulu Queue – specifically the late night ones. There’s a lot more Jimmy Fallon in my life these days, and I’m quite happy with that.

speaking of…
Major Smile Bringing Jimmy Fallon Clips from Last Week


Photo Albums Updated This Weekend on the THS Facebook Page

  1. Benson the Blitten. Golly gee, he’s adorable. [in other news: I’m pretty sure Kelly stole Benson and convinced him to pretend he’s Miss Kitty. SERIOUSLY – they look so similar!!]
  2. Living Gluten Free Event with Wegman’s & Attune Foods. From a trip Alicia and I took to Syracuse in October to share the good love of Attune Foods with all of the people!

Pinterest Boards I Love to Scroll Through Every Other Month or So

  1. =D – I can’t help but smile as I scroll down the page. 
  2. Things to Do = maybe one day I’ll actually do some of these. [ OH LOOK! one I’m actually already doing!!]


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