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Day 30: Look Forward with a List of 30!


by Megan Orcholski

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Well, it’s here.
Today is the last day.

I have had such an amazing 30 days of Megan.

I have tried new foods.
Held a baby.
Gotten hugged.
Watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along.
Gotten my hair cut.
Taken pictures.
Seen people who live far away.
Received presents in the mail.
Eaten a lot of candy.
Written strong words.
Received a lot of compliments.
Talked on the phone
Worn a big purple flower in my hair
Rocked out to music
Told stories
Taught my classes
Went to yoga
And felt incredibly loved.

It’s been an amazing 30 days.
While I am sad it is over, I’m excited.
I know there is so much more coming.

That’s why I made a list of 30 things to look forward to.
They are either things I hope or know are coming.
It’s a little like a bucket list-you’ll see things on there I’ve never done before.
You’ll also see things I’ve done plenty of times but need to do again.

I committed the list to my body, today.
It’s my way of looking forward. 


  1. Sky Diving
  2. Moving to a new city
  3. Have a baby
  4. Eat European Cheese
  5. Go back to London
  6. Get a PhD
  7. Back massage
  8. Teach a new class
  9. Publish a paper
  10. Write a book
  11. Make a Queen of Hearts Costume
  12. See Brad in Orlando!
  13. Lady Gaga. Concert.
  14. Watch the baby girls graduate high school
  15.  Finish all of the CSI’s
  16. Swim in the ocean naked
  17. Visit Prague
  18. Reconnect with an old friend
  19. Become more organized
  20. Speak in public much more often
  21. Impact students
  22. Make a large, noticeable impact on the world
  23. Lay on a beach
  24. Make love
  25. Hold hands
  26. Learn new music
  27. Make someone laugh
  28. Cook for people I love
  29. Keep getting pain free
  30. Turn 40!

Day 29: Watch Twenty-Nine Minutes of Your Favorite Television Show


by Megan Orcholski

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The first year I moved to Fargo, ND was incredibly lonely.
Don’t get me wrong, I was happy.
I just worked all the time.
I often was in my office more than my apartment
I became best friends with the night security guard who locks up our office building.

I traveled a ton. 
I took on a lot.
I coached so much.

photo (3)The one thing I would allow myself was watching NCIS at night while I ate food.  I watched the entire series from beginning to end.  The characters became my friends.

When I was in the middle of the NCIS series, I found a deal at Best Buy: The first two seasons of CSI for $20.  And CSI: Miami.  And CSI: NY.

Somewhere in there, I snuck in the entirety of Criminal Minds, thanks to my sister’s love for the show.  When she visited one time, we watched like eight episodes together.  It was amazing.

photo (2)I’m not a huge TV person.
But these shows allow me a story.

Most of all, something to do to relax.

30 days of Megan is almost over. 
Today I will celebrate by relaxing.
With my body pillow.
And a cop show or two.