Twosday X

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Twoday’s Twosday [see what I did there?] is all about my weekend.  We had our first #HLS12 Reunion.

Qualifications for #HLS12 Reunion*

  1. Gatherings must include someone you met for the first time AT this years Summit.
  2. At least one border (state or country) must be crossed in the process of getting together.

Canadian Foods I Tried for the First Time, Thanks to Danielle

  1. Poutine. We made ours with Alexia Sweet Potato Fries.  I plan to make a weight-loss friendly, full of healthy nutrients type of poutine at THS HQ soon.
  2. Timbits! [Tim Horton’s Donut Holes. Which I may have considered prerace fuel.]


Produce Purchased During Our Trip to Trader Joe’s

  1. Yellow Grape Tomatoes.  They are one of my FAVORITE snacks for while I’m working.
  2. Driscoll’s Raspberries.  Thanks to some coupons I received from them after HLS, Alicia and I were both able to get Driscoll’s Raspberries for 79 cents.  I ate some with my Timbits before we left for the race this morning, but I have big plans for the rest of the container for this week.  The weather is FINALLY cool enough for me to get my baking on! [hopefully I’ll have a recipe to share soon!]

Downtown Saratoga Establishments I Visited for the First Time This Weekend

  1. Forno Bistro.  My favorite dinner I’ve had in Saratoga thus far, we walked up to the waitress stand at 9:00 PM.  None of us [Danielle, Alicia and I were joined by Emily, too!] are sure exactly how this happened, as we all confessed being in bed VERY CLOSE to 9:00 PM every evening.  We tried our hardest to prove that we are young and fun and can stay out late, too.

    This place has such a great setting, comfortable yet romantic.  It was clear all the tables around us were having a great time when we arrived.  We were DEFINITELY underdressed, but we didn’t care. [yoga pants & sweatshirts. Yep.]  We were seated outside after a brief wait [not more than four minutes] but the outdoor heater near the table kept us fairly warm for the most part. 

    The food was stellar – we shared a four cheese stuffed wood-fire focaccia [ the Focaccie Quattro Formaggi] to start, and though I considered a specialty cocktail or glass of red, I decided to stick with water, especially after remember I hadn’t had much during the day and had a race in the morning.  For my dish I chose the Penne Tuscane.  The bread was fantastic – ubercheesey, which was perfect for this Wisconsin girl.  I love salty cheese paired with fresh baked bread, so this was a perfect start.  The pasta was the perfect texture, cooked perfectly.  Sauce was seasoned wonderfully.  I like when my one plate dishes, like pasta or casserole, have a cohesive flavoring and this plate was smooth throughout.  I never faced a bite that tasted like more or less as the previous bite, exactly as I prefer.

    Forno Bistro on Urbanspoon

  2. Druthers Brewing Company. As a sponsor of the Palio 5K they offered a free pint of one of their brews.  Druthers is new to the Broadway strip in Saratoga.  The place was PACKED and we opted to just hit the outside bar [you know, in our lounge wear] to grab our free beverage and girl talk for a few minutes before dinner. We found a waiter quickly who grabbed our drinks and we were sipping within minutes.

    I was super stoked to hear that hard apple cider [brewed right on site!] was an option since most pre/post race parties don’t offer any options other than beer.  The cider was delicious – crisp and light.  It didn’t taste much like an adult beverage at all, which led to our comparison to apple juice.  We all agreed it was sweet, but I wouldn’t say it was sweet in a white wine kind of way.

    I loved the outside bar and seating area and can definitely picture a group of us going out for a summer patio wine and dine next year.  CDNY Eat Drink Bloggers get ready! 😉

    Druther's Brewing Company on Urbanspoon


Reasons to Give a Big High-Five to the Race Planners of The Saratoga Palio:

  1. Great race giveaways. Charity event. I paid $30 a week ago. Each racer got a long sleeved Nike dri-fit race shirt, the aforementioned pint at Druthers and a window/car cling.  The after race party was FULL of a variety of fruits, muffins, bagels and spreads.  And a PLETHORA of beverages including Gatorade in many flavors, iced green and black teas, water a plenty, and even mini cans of Monster. [Which I did, indeed, grab one to share with Nicholas, who LOVES the brand.]  And Danielle even found a cake pop at the party!
  2. That $30 I paid last week?  I paid it through PayPal.  I LOVE PayPal and wish I could pay for all of my races using it!

All Things Considered, I Had a Great Race. By “All Things Considered” I Mean:

  1. We were still eating dinner at 10:00 PM the night before and I didn’t fall asleep until long after that.  I got up off the floor to start getting ready at 6:45 AM Sunday morning.  That’s very little sleep, very little rest, and very little time to digest and get hungry.  My body was completely out of whack to it’s normal, most comfortable schedule.
  2. I haven’t been training for a speedy 5K at all this summer.  I’ve just been running, and running slow.  For fitness and for fun.  My chip time for this race was under 32:00.  My drive to run a sub 30 minute 5K before winter is now in full effect.  I’ve decided against running the 15K in November I was hemming and hawing, and instead work on pushing my fitness level and breaking my 5K PR in a major way this fall.  Alicia and I have a race in our sites five weeks away from this coming Saturday. 

Purchased at Target During Our 90 Minute Still-in-Race-Gear Trip

  1. Four shirts, costing me a total of $10.50.  Thank you clearance rack of awesome!
  2. Treats for the boys.  Nick’s favorite Welch’s fruit snacks and Benson’s favorite Temptations: Cat Nip Fever!

Clothing Items Not Purchased but Thoroughly Enjoyed During the Same Trip:

  1. Guys graphic T-shirts.  There were bunches I enjoyed! Snoopy & Woodstock with a tweet-joke. Chicago. School House Rock Bill of Rights. [just to name a few.]
  2. Adult footed pajamas. Note the feet having faces.  Notes my wearing my Garmin still. Note that the Target employee did not hate us.  This was a great day.

You can check out a few more photos from the weekend on the THS Facebook page!

*Qualifications came to be decided while eating poutine for brunch. yepyep.

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11 thoughts on “Twosday X

  1. Danielle @ Dish'n'dash

    Favourite Twosday post ever!
    This weekend was a hella good time and those PJs were super comfy.
    I definitely think you’ll run a sub-30minute 5k before winter. YOU CAN DO IT!
    Looking forward to the healthified poutine recipe – I think homemade sweet potato fries, maybe goat’s cheese, and homemade gravy would be amazing.
    I love poutine. and you. 😉
    Danielle @ Dish’n’dash recently posted..The World’s Worst Tattoo & My Last Supper

    1. Heather Post author

      you can DO IT, my friend!

      this past summer I read a bit in a women’s running book about goal setting for race times and distances met. It had a whole section which really hit home and made me think about goal setting differently – let me paraphrase –

      Don’t beat yourself up if you dont meet your goal the first time you try – goals are supposed to take WORK. If you meet every goal you set on your first effort, you probably aren’t setting hard enough goals. A big part of the “I DID IT!” reward comes from trying and trying until you finally do it. The best goals take time, and often failure, before you meet them.

      This mind set REALLY helped me as a runner who sets goals to run X miles weekly, at X speed. I may WANT to PR every race, but I shouldnt beat myself up when I don’t reach my goals – i should use them to fuel me into training and preparing for my next effort!

      1. Erica { }

        Thank you so much for the motivation! I tend to set pretty tough goals for myself since I’d rather try to hard than not enough – but I haven’t quite mastered the ‘not beating myself up’ part if I don’t reach them. I need to remember that training, like life, is a journey to be enjoyed – not a destination!
        Erica { } recently posted..Gruyere and Apple Grilled Cheese

  2. Kelsey

    Hey Heather! This Twosday post is such a fun idea:) I’m LOVING those footie pj’s. Haha. I have a pair that I keep in my closet. They come in handy at odd dress-up occasions:)

    1. Heather Post author

      I can’t help but think that footy pajamas would be perfect for today – it’s so rainy, windy, and grey where I am today!

  3. Kate

    Geez, thanks Heather, now all I can think about is my bizarre craving for Poutine and a Onesie. FYI – if I ever make it to the US is the next few years, I’m making sure it’s during a Healthy Living Summit!

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