The Healthy Choices Continue

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I started my day off from work with a run.  I considered chilling in front of the television for the morning before starting to write some major Healthy Living Summit Session recaps [holy cow, am I behind on work!], but after about four minutes of hemming and hawing, I got my lazy butt off the recliner and starting rounding up my running gear.

One of the goals I’m focusing on these days is going on at least 2 runs a week, and I liked the idea of knocking one out first thing Monday morning. [My goals are tracked Monday through Sunday.] I knew that getting a good work out in before Nick even woke up would set my day on track to be a productive one.  [I also did Courtney’s No Excuses Workout and a good amount of stretching after my run, too! BOOYAH!]

I took my phone along with me, in case I needed some motivating along the way.  As I choose to make fitness a priority in my life, the community of friends I talk to via Twitter is an essential part of my support system. I can always count on them for ideas, encouragement, motivation, and a simple “well done!”


Whenever I run in the morning, I begin with a five minute walking warm up.  Depending on how my legs feel, after this warm up I will often take a minute to stretch any tight spots.  Today when I stopped to stretch, I noticed this star in the pavement.  So glad I had brought my phone with me today!  I took it as a sign of good luck and decided I needed to pass on this good luck spotting to you guys, too!


At about the half way point of the run, I stumbled across some yellow, fallen leaves.  Barely September and it seems my neighborhood is already stumbling into autumn.


Tackled a mini-massive hill I’ve been staring at for years, which leads down into this soccer park. [and by Tackled, I mean I am going to do it again and conquer the bitch!]  Coincidentally, there was an club team warming up– bringing me back to many weekends of watching club soccer in Wisconsin.  Had to snap a picture because it happens to be my dear friend Joe’s birthday – and so many of those practices, scrimmages, games and tournaments were cheering a team Joe was playing on to victory.  Cheers and happy birthday, friend! 

When I loaded those three shots from my blackberry into this post, I stumbled across a bunch of other fun snapshots I wanted to share from last month:


Love this shot of enjoying lunch at Tory Row on Thursday afternoon with some #HLS12 volunteers.  These folks made your swag bags come together beautifully, my friends – and I enjoyed getting to chat a bit while enjoying a delicious meal together.

I ordered the sweet potato flatbread and it was delicious.  Loved the menu and had a serious hard time deciding what to order. Julie and I ended up ordering the same thing, which I am sure shocks no one.  Plate envy was happening major with every other dish served to the table.  It all looked delicious and from what I heard then, and have read since, I’d say everyone enjoyed their meals.  We heard from Meg later that the kale salad on special was out of this world amazing.  If you’re ever in Harvard Square, check Tory Row out!


Tory Row on Urbanspoon



Remember last week when I mentioned the fried dough from Big Daddy’s?  I found evidence of it on my phone, which I clearly don’t remember taking or I would have shared it before.  Now I’m dreaming of that butterscotch sauce of wonders. Yummmmmmm.


Can I tell you who I adore?  THIS GIRL: Alicia, from The Wannabe Foodie.  Here she is on our road trip home from the Summit entertaining herself with a road atlas when she claimed boredom.  She was very excited to find Maine – one of her favorite vacation spots!


I know. It’s the cutest box of animal crackers in all the land.  I have resisted buying these for the past several weeks. It’s as if they call out to me from the shelf every time I’m in CVS.  Lilly Pulitzer should start designing packaging for all of the foods.


I took Monday and Tuesday after Summit weekend off from work, meaning I had been away six whole days when I returned on Wednesday.  I was stoked to see these beautiful flowers near the sidewalk on my walk to the office.  They totally make every day more gorgeous!


We only waited four days after seeing one another to have our next Summit conference call. Ha. I learned so much about myself during this Summit planning process, and in the weeks following the weekend I’ve still been having revelations about things.  I feel a Hippie-Heather self revelation word spew coming on, soon.


I’ve fully started to step into my new position at the office, and am REALLY enjoying the switch. [Did I mention that this happened?]  I’m still training the awesome woman who is taking on my first position with the company, too, which makes my work days feel VERY full.  She’s going to be out of the office starting Thursday and through all of next week, so I know that I’m going to have a bit of a balancing both workloads ahead of me.  

I’m trying to prepare myself by organizing as much as possible ahead of time, both at home, and at the office. 

  • Prepping food for all meals and snacks ahead of time. [I did some MAJOR batch cooking this weekend. The freezer is BEYOND stocked.]
  • Arranging outfits in a “grab and go” fashion for dressing in the morning.
  • Doing as much as I can Tuesday and Wednesday of this week to allow added flexibility for when I’m managing both rolls at the office.
  • Making tons of lists.
  • Reminding myself that health is a priority and setting goals which assure I will be putting myself and my health first.
  • Making an organization folder system for the projects I’m covering at work.


I love when the sky looks like this in the morning.  It gives me the feeling that can only be described as “the good ole days.”  sigh.

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    Congratulations on making the complete switch to the new position at work. I know this is something you’ve been looking forward to doing. It’s a great accomplishment to have done so while also working on planning for HLS. Your hard work shows.
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