Twosday VII

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What I Was Doing Last Week Rather than Writing a Twosday Post

  1. taking a nap. actually, lots of naps – but I’ll get to that later.
  2. putting off all sorts of blogthings because I felt overwhelmed and exhausted after #hls12. That, my friends, is REAL talk.  I foolishly went into Summit weekend thinking “after this – I can breathe! I will have nothing to do! I can pretend to be on vacation!”  Thankfully, after taking a few days off of all-things-internet [other than the must-do’s, of course] I felt recharged and ready to jump in and make things happen.  [note: make things happen = make decision, respond to emails, write some stuff, edit photos, tweet, apparently, and all that jazz.] Though it was a bit delayed, I’m happy to report that the energy of #HLS12 definitely fueled me to “get bloggy with it” in the end. BOOYAH.

    So naturally – now I feel like there are a million and one things I want to share with you about the Summit.  Those of you who are completely sick of reading recap posts, I apologize – but I promise I won’t write the same exact thing you’ve seen two hundred times already. Let’s start with some mini-lists, shall we?



Favorite Food Items Enjoyed in Our Hotel Room

  1. Pretzel Bread – The staff at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge hooked all of our staff rooms ups with a surprise kick-off to Summit delivery of fruit, cheese, water, and the most delicious pretzel roll loaf in all the land. I only snacked on a few bites, but I’ve been thinking I may need to try making some pretzel bread of my own soon – because I can’t stop food-dreaming about it!
  2. Delivery Deliciousness from Big Daddy’s.
    This place came highly recommended by the hotel staff and during our registration on Friday, a delivery being made to the hotel lead the Big Daddy’s delivery man to drop off a stack of menus at our table.  When people started talking about ordering in dinner before the cocktail party, I passed along menus. 

    The pizza party in the suite and the sandwiches Courtney, Alicia and Kelly ordered seemed to both bring praise, and when it came time to order dinner Saturday evening, Nick and I decided to give it a try.

    Nick ordered buffalo chicken pizza and after looking at the menu for at least 15 minutes trying to decide what I wanted, I finally settled on a pulled pork sandwich.  Sadly, the person taking my order informed me that they were all out of pulled pork for the day, and I had to make another choice last minute.  I called out the first thing I saw when I opened the menu again, The Ritz: a roast beef sub – not something I would normally order, but for some reason it seemed appealing at the time. I’m so glad I went with this choice! It was so delicious – the roast beef was tender, though lean, and shaven perfectly.  The sub roll was the perfect softness and the tomatoes were actually flavorful. DELICIOUS!

    Nick definitely enjoyed his pizza, too – but the real winner of the night was the order of fried dough bites he ordered.  I can’t believe how much came in the “small” order!  He barely made a dent, and even though I had a few later in the evening when my sweet tooth was begging for a treat, we still had to throw over half the order out the next morning.  These bites were cooked to perfection – not over fried at all.  Drizzled with butterscotch sauce and sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon.  My mouth is watering just telling you about them!

    Big Daddy's Pizza & Sub Shop on Urbanspoon no surprise that 90% of UrbanSpoon reviews like Big Daddy’s, too!


Nick’s Favorite Items from the HLS Swag Bags

  1. Fruit & Nut Squares from Dancing Deer bakery. To quote Meghann – “Don’t let the “fruit + nut square” packaging fool you – these are full on blondies and they are amazing.”  Also, I caught Benson eating some crumbs on Saturday.  Even the kitten loves brown sugar. 
  2. Sneaky Pete’s Naturally Oatstanding Beverage – I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised by this product, as well.  Beverage made with oats? Really!? But I’m happy to report that the three flavors Nick and I tried were all delicious.  In order of preference, so far we’ve tried: Apples Away, Peach Perfection, and Grape Escape


My Favorite Non-Food Items from the HLS Swag Bags

  1. Maybe I’m bias, but I loooooooooooooooooooove the little gift packs that Healthy Living Blogs slipped into the swag bags.  Included were some items from the Blogger in Love Etsy store.  I love ALL the products Minna offers [and currently there are some MAJOR sales going on over there!] but the little “I blog to the beat of my own drum.” magnet chillin’ on my fridge brings me such great joy every time I see it.
  2. Driscoll’s hooked us up with mini-berry strainers.  They are the perfect size for a carton of berries, a can of beans, or two servings of pasta.  Love it!

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8 thoughts on “Twosday VII

  1. Stephanie

    Three cheers for real talk! There isn’t enough out there!

    Good idea to break down the recap into pieces. Can’t wait to attend my own blog conference one day! Thanks again for answering my emails after the whirlwind of HLS.
    Stephanie recently posted..Flooded Streets

    1. Heather Post author

      They also have an affiliate program, i noticed! You should sign up and then pimp them on your blog – you earn money for each order purchased through your links, I think!!

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