Photo Walk: Light

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Jul 252012

Inspired by Elise.  You should play along, too.


We took Nick’s camera along when we walked to breakfast Saturday morning.  Before even leaving the apartment I had decided that I would try an Elise Blaha style photo walk on our trip and shot with the theme “light” in mind. 

I found that going on the walk with the intention of photo taking made me focus on such small details in our neighborhood that had gone unnoticed until now.  It was a great way to take time to really see the buildings, yards, and businesses in our community.  I can’t wait to take another photo walk soon!

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  1. oh fun! i keep meaning to do an elise-inspired photo walk, but it’s hard to manage a camera + two dogs. hah! i WILL do it next time brad joins me for a walk.
    sarah @ sarah learns recently posted..a two coffee day

  2. […] light outside our window reminded me that the world has yet to end.  I’m thinking another photo walk focusing on light may be a fun weekend […]

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