Cohoes Founders Day 15K

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Here’s the story of the Cohoes Founders Day 15K: by the numbers.


Time Alicia picked me up for our slumber party at Jen’s Saturday night: 6:10 PM
Time I planned to go to sleep Saturday night: 9:30
Time I finally went to sleep Saturday night: 10:47 ish.
Time my alarm was set for Sunday: 6:33 AM
Time I woke up Sunday: 5:03 AM
Time I decided to stop trying to fall back asleep and finally got out of bed: 5:21 AM
Time I started drinking a Monster Rehab Green Tea: 5:45 AM


Number of cars driven to Cohoes: 2
Number of times we mentioned dropping to the 5K: 7
Number of friends who were confused about parking: 4
Number of strangers turned friend who pulled up to our cars, asked if we were running, & told us to follow her to a super close parking spot: 1
Number of strangers turned friends who looked remarkably like Anne P? The very same 1.


Clouds in the sky: almost one tiny little guy the size of a pea. almost.
Average Temperature of training runs: 62 degrees.
Temperature when we arrived at the race site: 69 degrees.
Temperature when we started the race: 72 degrees.

summer2012 037
Temperature when we finished the race: 84 degrees.
Temperature it felt during the race: 2 degrees short of hell.

Number of GUs consumed: 1, vanilla bean.
Number of minutes I thought “OH! That GU really helped”: 2.
Number of water stations preplanned by race director: 3 [yes. I asked.]
Number of water stations added at last minute due to heat: 1
Number of 2nd half of race volunteers handing out water bottles: EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
Number of times the race crew impressed me: infinite.

Number of hills I “made my bitch” ran completely from bottom to top: 2
Number of hills I 100% walked up: 3
Number of steps run at incline in total on the course: seven billion. and six.
Number of down-hills I proposed marriage to: all of them.


Times I asked myself what the hell I was thinking signing up for this race: 4
Times I stopped to walk: at least 20.
Times I started to run again: at least 21.
Reminders to myself that I TRAINED for this and could DO it: 5
Audible “ARGS!” yelled: 3
Curse words muttered: 3
Motivation mantras meditated on: 3
Moments I was thankful to be running near Alicia, who was pushing me along and encouraging in my darkest moments: too many to count.


Number of high fives given: at least 600.
Number of hoses sprayed over us: the most glorious 1 ever.
Number of puppies gushed over: probably close to 17.
Number of songs I skipped on my playlist: 15.
Number of times I re-started My Body during miles 5 and 6: 5 or 6.
Number of times I re-started No Day But Today on the last mile: 3.


Race Number: 2811
Number of 15K Runners: 122
Number of Female Runners: 65
Number of Female Runners between 20-29: 19


2:24+ my Garmin Time 15K PR
Place overall: 117
Place female: 62
Place age division: 19

Minutes I was angry, frustrated, sad or disappointed about the race: about 127.
Percentage I’m over it: 100%.
Glad that’s over…

Check out Alicia’s Recap and Jen’s Recap of their races, too!

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18 thoughts on “Cohoes Founders Day 15K

  1. G...

    Oh my goodness…so happy for you and all those running the race..congratulations on your perserverence. Quite seriously though…are you running toward or away from something…just saying……………love ya, girl…G

  2. Andrea

    WOW. Way to GO! That sounds insane. Isn’t it funny in a not-so-funny way how you can train and train and prepare for the distance, but you can never really prepare for unknown weather circumstances… (my first and so far only 1/2 marathon race, I ran in a complete downpour! had never run in the rain during my training.) But you feel like a total BA, now, right?
    Andrea recently posted..Cherry Lentil Salad with Basil.

  3. Liz (Little Bitty Bakes)

    Next time you should really go for 601 high fives, c’mon Heather. 😉

    Awesome job! That elevation chart looks killer, which only makes me slightly less sad that I wasnt able to make it out to run with you girls.

  4. Kristen

    I am so impressed that you finished a 15k! That is so amazing to me, even if it did have some low points.

    It looks like the hills were evil! Hope you got to get an amazing brunch afterwards.
    Kristen recently posted..When technology fails

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