My Love for Musselman’s

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If Chobani started making cat food, I wouldn’t only trust it – I would buy it by the gigantic bulk-store bags. And not only because Benson occasionally snacks on leftover Cho, but because I am brand loyal.  When I find a brand I love across the board [product, marketing, PR, etc] I sign on for life. 

Several weeks ago I was uberexcited when Nick and I were walking through a Dollar General and I came across these Old Colony Apple Sauce Oatmeal Cookies made with Musselman’s Apple Sauce.* 

Mussleman's Apple Sauce Oatmeal Cookie

Musselman’s is my go-to brand for one of my favorite day time snacks – apple sauce.  I keep emergency cups of several flavors at my desk at work for in case of emergency hunger breaks and have been known to rely on Musselman’s Chunky Applesauce for my long run fuel. 

I love the companies products, including all the Lucky Leaf pie filling I’ve had the pleasure to try in the past, and I was very excited back in the day to learn more about the company and how Musselman’s gets the job done when I had the opportunity to travel to Musselman’s facilities with a group of awesome bloggers last fall. 

group photo 1

Haley, Cecilia, Kelly, Jennifer, Renee, yours truly, Amanda, Sammie, and Amie

MusselmansBloggerBadge_optsI’m proud to call myself a Musselman’s Brand Ambassador because of what I experienced on that trip.  Part of it is no doubt because every employee we met while touring the various facilities was beyond your standard friendly and knowledgeable representative companies often put in front of their consumer audience. 

These men and women were also extremely interested in what we had to say – as customers who want a delicious product, as healthy living enthusiasts and moms who care about what we are consuming, as women on the go who are looking for the easier conveniences in the little things, and, something I was obviously excited about, as bloggers creating a relationship with brands.  I love that I’m able to work with such a great company who wants to hear my ideas, concerns, praises, requests, and questions with all the same level of enthusiasm. 


And because I’ve experienced such great things with such a great company, I will no doubt continue to choose Musselman’s when making healthy baking substitutions or choosing picnic snacks from the pantry or market.  I will continue to wear my Ambassador badge proudly, and I will continue to try and convince you to try some, too. Because I love this product and I believe in this company enough to do so. 


One awesome thing that Musselman’s has done for my “class” of Ambassadors lies in the branches of this here tree I helped plant at the Orchard we all visited together.  Okay, truth be told, the entire group of awesome ambassadors had their hand in getting this tree planted together. 

Well, several weeks ago [times like this are prime examples of why I stopped making posting promises] I received an email from my Musselman’s friends with an update of our little tree – including photos!  I found the email really interesting, as it taught me a bit about what happens to the trees during wintertime as they grow.

Getting this email and reflecting on my time in Gettysburg is what inspired my posting about this awesome company, surely.  Hippie Heather thinks the tree’s growth over the past eight months is somehow symbolic to her own growth, too.  I couldn’t not share the update after thinking that over for far too long this weekend.

Ambassadors Apple Tree

Here’s our little guy.  I know it doesn’t look like he’s all that big, but in comparing the photos I think you can definitely see the trunk has grown a bit! And you can totally tell it’s taller if you focus on where the branches start moving outward in both pictures, too. It was A LOT closer to the protective gate back in September of last year!

Compare to the Neighbor Tree

Here’s our tree with his five-year old neighbor.  Our tree is a Gala, one of my favorites!  [My top five list: Pink Lady, Honey Crisp, Gala, Empire, and Cortland.]

Here’s some of the fun facts the email shared about the processes at the Orchard for those of you who may also enjoy a behind the scenes look at apple growing:

Winter Orchard

In the winter the stem tips or “buds” of the apple trees are dormant making it a good time for pruning. The goal for pruning trees is twofold: for younger trees, it helps encourage a strong, solid framework and on mature trees, pruning helps maintain the shape and encourage fruit production.

Example of Winter Prunning 2

Our tree didn’t have it’s first trimming this winter, though. Given the variety of tree and that it was planted in early fall, it’s critical to establish a good root system and feed the tree first. If you start pruning very young trees you promote tree/ limb growth and small trees are not always ready for that to take place.

Our tree should be ready in the summer for some early limb training and the building of the scaffold system with the tree, once it has a strong root system started. It’s hard to imagine that some day that little apple tree will be producing pounds upon pounds of fruit like all the other massive, beautiful trees on this orchard. 

Winter Orchard 2

*And, yes; those cookies were a great snack. Especially when I spread peanut butter between two of them and made mini sandwiches.

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6 thoughts on “My Love for Musselman’s

  1. Nichole

    Seriously, you do the coolest stuff! Applesauce, always a fave in my house. And who doesn’t love the movie Baby Boom:)

  2. Bron

    I had these cookies over 2 years ago on a flight back home from the US and have been obsessing about them ever since. I have been traveling across the country for the last 2 months abd have looked everywhere. After discovering this blog ( in a google rampage to find out anymore info on where to get my hands on these) I have gone into every Dollar General I have come across. I have emailed old colony begging for a list of the DGs that stock the cookie but no luck! While the lady who responded was very nice she suggested that I try DG stores and also informed me that they stock the cookies in ‘various local stores and vending machines’. I cant order online because we are never in one place for more than 3 days.
    I am only in the US for another 2 weeks. My last stops are Boston and then new York but I am willing to go to nearby states if anyone knows they are stocked in a particular place.
    This is me begging! I need to have another one of these cookies! The tiny little airplane pack that I had two years ago and made last for 3 days haunts me!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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