May 012012

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As many of you know, I coach a competitive speech team.  I’ve been officially coaching  for 7 years, competed in college for 4 years before that, and then there was high school and middle school……basically, I’ve done speech every year in some capacity since I was in 7th grade, which makes it an activity I’ve done OVER half my life.  For me, it has become an extension of teaching and a way to give young minds the performance training that I was so desperately in need of when I was in college.  While I love to win and love watching my kids win, it is the "ah ha!" moments when a student gets something they’ve been struggling with or when I can SEE them learning a skill that keep me here.  I have found such an amazing community, both in my own team and in the beautiful, amazing people all over the nation who do this activity.

St. Cloud

Speech is the reason I’m articulate.
It is the reason I got into graduate school.
It is the reason I know my best friend Brad and countless other important people in my life.
It is often the reason I get up in the morning (sometimes REALLY early to drive a van to a competition!)


One day, I might not coach full time.  I might find other important endeavors that are calling me.  But for now, this activity overwhelms me with its purpose and goodness.  And I’m so happy that I get to do what I do.


Every year, we do a work week at the beginning of the season. This used to be a lot easier to fund when this team consisted of a handful of people.  But now, we are looking at maybe having over 20 people there!  YAY!  So we are doing a fundraiser this Wednesday.  If you happen to live in the FargoMoorhead* area, you should come!  (And we should be friends!  How do we live near each other and we aren’t friend?!?!!?)  If you don’t live in the area, send us good vibes :)


Cobber Forensics Fundraiser!!! 
Eat at Pizza Ranch and help raise money for the forensics team!

In order to donate, it’s simple:  On Wednesday, May 2nd 5pm-8pm, go eat at Pizza Ranch!
Make sure you identify that you are eating there because of us!  You MUST say: "We are here for the Concordia Forensics Fundraiser." If you do this, we get a portion of your total check!
We will be at the Dilworth location at 1504 Center Avenue West. BRING FRIENDS! BRING FAMILY! If you have any questions, please feel free to email Megan Orcholski


*Fun note: Everyone calls it "FargoMoorhead" but because I lived near Chicago for so long, I always want to say "the Fargoland area"

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  1. I really love the photos you have here.. Anyway, congratulations for being a successful person and coach..
    Nica recently posted..Getting a Job Online

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