Golden Year Goals: The End

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28in28When I turned 28, almost one year ago, in a ridiculous nod to “celebrating” my Golden Year, I set off on a quest to complete 28 goals. 

Back in December, with four months to go, I reviewed my list. At that time, I had completed some of the goals.  Others, I had completed a percentage of the goals.

Some of these goals I have indeed completed in time for my turning 29. Others I made a good attempt at throughout the year, but when it came time to tally up my efforts, I fell a bit short in completion.

Others I named “I should have known better” goals.  I Mentioned that these list items were goals “I always say I want to do, but haven’t done EVER, and should really just abandon the idea of ever reaching the aim for some sort of, no doubt imaginary in my own mind, social ideal.”

Out of 28 goals, I completed 11. Easy Peezy.


  1. Read 28 books.
  2. Taste 28 new wines
  3. Give 28 items I own away to people who would enjoy and appreciate them.
  4. Share 28 dishes/batches/containers of food with people I love
  5. Keep 28 blogs or less in my Google Reader.
  6. Eat 28 different pizza topping combinations
  7. Donate 28 items to those in need.
  8. De-friend 28 people on Facebook.
  9. Download 28 new songs.
  10. Listen to episodes from 28 podcasts I’ve not yet tried
  11. Print 28 photos to display in my apartment


Meaning that out of 28 goals, I did not complete 17. These goals are NOW known as the “at least I tried” goals. NOPE

  1. Make 28 new recipes from the cookbooks I own
  2. Make 28 new recipes from blogs
  3. Write 28 guest posts
  4. Write 28 poems
  5. Watch 28 movies I’ve not seen before
  6. Post 28 original recipes on THS
  7. Send Baby A 28 letters
  8. Order 28 drinks I’ve not had before
  9. Lose 28 half pounds….14 pounds :)
  10. Finish 28 Projects I start.
  11. Send 28 TIMELY Birthday Cards
  12. Write 28 Sounding Board Pieces [the sounding board is a group of friends that read my non-blog writing and give me advice along the way.]
  13. Learn 28 new yoga poses.
  14. Post 28 Operation Beautiful notes
  15. Submit 28 Little Things photos and notes.
  16. Run a 5K in 28 minutes or less.
  17. Visit 28 locations I’ve yet to see in CDNY

The question I’ve been asking myself as I review my progress in these lists, is how do I feel about what I’ve completed and what has gone unfinished? And honestly, I’m a little surprised at how unaffected I’ve felt by the whole ordeal.

The main theme throughout my goals, when I first sat down to dream them up, was to simply try new things.  I wanted to read new books, watch movies I’d never seen, create new recipes, taste new flavors, try things and go places I’ve never experienced before.  The truth is, even with most of my Golden Year Goals uncompleted I truly have tried new things all year long.  So much so, in fact – that making the NEW choice has become a bit of a habit. 

I’m much more likely to try something different off a menu than order the same old thing every time.  Of course I have my favorite meals to make, but I’ve been experiencing with new products, flavors, ingredients and cooking styles each time I’m in the kitchen.  I’ve learned of new music, gathered new contenders for the favorite podcasts list, and stepped out of my comfort zone for new experiences dozens of times during my 28th year.

The pessimist in me points out that I completed 11 of 28 goals, giving me a 39% completion.
Thankfully, though, I’m much more optimist than pessimist.  I know that my Golden Year was a major success. And partially in thanks to this ridiculous list of goals I never had a hope of finishing in 366 days. I didn’t finish the lists, but I started them.  I got in the swing of choosing new over old and of trying instead of refusing.  This is more than what I could have expected when I wrote out those goals a year ago.  Golden Year Win.

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14 thoughts on “Golden Year Goals: The End

    1. Heather Post author

      It does- It matches the part of the story from December – which I am talking about when I use the graph. It’s the same spreadsheet as the one I used in the December post!

  1. Kelly@Chow-Daily

    It is SO hard to step outside of our comfort zones when we feel so inclined to stick with what we know. I applaud you for even getting some of these things accomplished. I chuckled when I read “de-friend people on Facebook”, I think I need to go through and do this! But I think its awesome that you made this list and at least attempted all of the things you said you would. Congrats on all the changes you’ve made in the past year, you’ve inspired me to make list of my own and see what I can do!

  2. Alyssa @ Life of bLyss

    am I baby A?

    oh, wait. just clicked on the link. nevermind.

    also, 14 POUNDS… you are so awesome! and I have also gotten on the de-friending and “not” friending train. I used to feel too guilty, but honestly, if you don’t talk to someone/don’t know them in the first place, what’s the point in being FB friends?
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..cheribundi™ cherry juice giveaway

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