Weight Loss Real Talk

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Real talk. Ready, set, go:

Last week’s goals for health & weight. Let’s review.

1. Run 150 minutes or more.  My original plan was this: Run 40 minutes. Run 40 minutes again. Run a 70 minute “long run” during the weekend.

What really happened was this: Completed one 40 minute run.  Skipped the other. Turned that 70 minutes into 61 minutes, instead.  I’m still pretty darn proud of that 61 minute run, though – as I almost stopped after 3 miles and decided that if I didn’t want to do a full 70 minutes, I should at least go a bit father.  I love that I was able to push through two more miles [it wasn’t easy – but I did it!] and prove to myself, once again, that I can do it if I put my mind to it.

2. Drink Water. Did much better at drinking water throughout the weekend. Still something I need to constantly remind myself to do, but it’s slowly turning into a habit.

3. No ice cream treats until Friday. GOLD SPARKLING STAR! I not only didn’t eat ice cream before Friday, I turned down an offer for a mid-week dish twice at work.  During the stressful time that is April, this was an accomplishment in itself.

I ended up waiting until Saturday to order my ice cream from the Stewart’s counter – and although I purchased a hand-packed pint [they were on sale! ] I only ate about two small scoops worth of the good stuff, putting the remainder of the pint in the freezer for this week’s Friday indulgence.

4. Do 2 strength training workouts. After my 40 minute run last week, I did my favorite Shredded Shoulder workout.  And, that’s it.  Just the one strength workout last week.

5. Weigh In on Sunday. Victory is mine. Not only did I weigh-in on Sunday, but when I did, I saw a number almost 6 pounds lighter than when I first declared myself “back on the weight-loss train!”  I have 4.2 lbs to go to reach my 10lb loss by June 1.  Totally do-able!


Friday night, we went to a party.  Our friends had just moved into a new place and there was celebration to be had because of it.  Especially because the building they moved into was once visited by none other than President George Washington himself!!! Yes, of course, I had some excitement over this fact.


I also had some wine.  And then, perhaps due to my intoxication, I may have also had some Dominos pizza and cheesy bread. [okay, okay: not only did I have the pizza, but I suggested the cheesy bread be added to the order.]  And then we got home at 2:00 AM.

DSCF5595When Saturday morning rolled around, and I woke up at 6:30 per the regular – I did not want to run for 40 minutes, as I had originally planned. I didn’t want to run for 4 minutes, actually. I wanted to go back to sleep.  And so I did.

A few hours later, when Nick and I were actually awake and ready to start the day, I mentioned that I was upset.  I may have been a bit of a drama queen over the whole thing, because when Nick said “Heather. You are allowed to go out drinking one night of the weekend.  Especially after a stressful week of work…” I realized that he was right, and perhaps I was blowing one night of less-than-healthy choices out of proportion to the past three weeks of making healthy choices.

With my head in the right place [thanks, boyfriend!] I finally took my own advice.  I stopped being upset about the choices I had previously made, and instead focused my energy on making my next choice be a healthy one. And my next choice after that, too. And so on, and so forth, all the way until I made sure to be in bed at a decent hour Saturday night so that I could up and run my heart out on Sunday morning.

BIG SQUREMoral of the story?  One night of intoxication and pizza eating and staying out late does not mean the end of my weight loss. [remember, two days later I saw I was down 5.8 pounds!] Stop allowing the unhealthy decisions of your past suck all the energy away from you! Turn it into MOTIVATION and ENCOURAGEMENT for the next decision. Take it one step at a time.

On to this week’s goals!!

1. Rewrite my training plan, and follow it. I’ve been reading about a different kind of training the past few days, and I am really interested in giving it ago. It’s all about training SLOWER than I have been. Alyssa’s the one that got me started on the idea when she posted about changing her own training last week. I’ve always had a problem finding the right paces for me, and I hope that the changes I plan on making to my plan help me to find my groove.

2. Stretch after running. Once in a while I’m really good about stretching after I run.  Usually I’m not so good. I want to make sure to spend at least 10 minutes stretching out after each run this week. 

I know that just saying I want to stretch more isn’t going to do it for me. I need a plan! So here it is: When I finish from my run, I will take my water bottle to my back porch.  I will set the countdown clock on my phone for 10 minutes.  I will sing along to my new “stretching sing-a-long” playlist.  THEN, and only then, I will shower. I always tell myself “oh, I’ll just stretch AFTER my shower…” and then it never happens.

bicycle3. Go on one bike ride.  I’ve heard a billion times that cross training is important.  I’ve thought about it about a billion times, too.  This is another one of those things that I know I should do, but I’ve never actually made a plan for it. My awesome 1972 Schwinn [seriously – one of the favorite things I own!] is ready and waiting for me. I will ride my bike for AT LEAST 30 minutes this week.

4. Rock through two strength training workouts.  Let’s face it: one will be the Shredded Shoulders workout that I love so much.  While I was looking through old workout posts I had favorite in the past several months, I came across another one of Courtney’s gems – the 10 minute no-excuses workout! Since I seem to be having such a hard time committing to two days of strength training this month [the past 3 weeks I’ve managed only 1 workout a week] I think that this one may be a winner. NO EXCUSES! [p.s. please feel free to keep me accountable here, friends!]

5. Keep sleep a priority.  I know the next three weeks of work are going to be crazy busy.  My schedule has already become a mash of early mornings and staying late when necessary.  I know that it’s best for me to get 8-9 hours of sleep a night – for my sanity, for my attitude, for my training, and for my weight loss progress, too.  I plan to be in bed no later than 10:15 PM each night this week!

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13 thoughts on “Weight Loss Real Talk

  1. Mhikkai

    We are really all proud of you! I hope you can even post more of this.. I am sure they can really help a lot in terms of motivating people..
    Mhikkai recently posted..Hosted Sharepoint

  2. Katy

    I love that you make a to do list every week. I have one this week because I am on vacation and I need to stay on track. It definitely holds you accountable and makes you feel so good to check something off the list!
    ALSO- I hate water too. I never remember to drink it. Maybe that will be one of my goals too1
    Katy recently posted..Cake Pop Problems

  3. Kelly@Chow-Daily

    I seriously commend you on many points you made in this article. 1.) Pushing through a workout you feel you desperately want to end. In my experience, running is about 80% mental and 20% physical. Good for you for keeping that little voice telling you that stopping will feel so good, at bay. 2.) Saying no to a treat that’s right there in your face. The hardest thing to do, even harder when you have to watch others (like friends or coworkers) indulge. 3.) Knowing that one slip-up doesn’t mean the end. I feel like this is the downfall for a lot of people’s diets. They think, “well, I broke down and got a greasy piece of pizza for lunch, I guess the day is shot and I can do what I want for the rest of the week.” I applaud you for acknowledging your mistake, but not letting it get you down. Awesome job, keep going girl!
    Kelly@Chow-Daily recently posted..Why do Doctor’s Appointments take So Long?

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