Holiday Weekend and Weight Loss

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This weekend full of sunshine and time off from the office, I did not run – I haven’t gone out for a run since Thursday, when I left the trail feeling frustrated by how things went and wishing I could feel good about running again. I feel like it’s been a really long time since I’ve had a STRONG run, and it’s starting to bug me.  I still enjoy running, of course – but I haven’t had one of those gosh, I feel like I’m flying! I LOVE RUNNING!!! runner’s high moments in a long time.  I’m ready for one.

Instead, I logged a few miles of the walking variety.  And a 4.5 miles bike ride of errand running with Nicholas. I spent time sitting in silence and listening to the world around me.  I stretched out my legs and reached my arms high into the air. I wrote with my hands, and hugged with my arms, and danced with my whole body.  I pedaled with my legs, and I lifted with my back, and I laughed with my whole being.  I felt my body do what a body is supposed to do and I felt good about it as it happened.  When I got dressed and looked into the mirror I felt – HEALTHY – and ready to continue my journey towards the healthiest me.

This weekend I ate ice cream and dole whip, and a milkshake, too.  I ate the ear of a chocolate bunny, half a Reese’s egg, Taco Bell, and a Wild Cherry Pepsi.  I may have also eaten a chocolate covered marshmallow rabbit and a mini snickers bar.  I may have made the unhealthy choice way more often than I normally would in a three day period of time. 


I also ate orange slices, and homemade Chinese chicken and broccoli, and stopped eating while I was full.  I drank water and snacked on grape tomatoes and raw broccoli.  I made a few healthy decisions along with the not-as-healthy ones.  And I know that I have the power to make the next choice a healthy one, and maybe the next one, too. 

This week I want to set goals in a few areas to help me stay focused on making decisions th help reach my weight loss goals.

1. Run 150 minutes or more. For my 15K training plan this time around, I’m focusing on time rather than miles. I have two 40 minute runs and one 70 minute on the list to complete this week and I am confident that I will have at least ONE decent run to cheer about.

2. DRINK WATER. Up until Thursday evening, I was doing an awesome job of staying hydrated via the H2O. I’m not quite sure what happened, but I do know that I haven’t drank more than 32 ounces of water all weekend long.  I want to get back on the sipping water all day long plan ASAP.

3. No ice cream treats until Friday. True story: last Thursday, I had ice cream three times.  Once for breakfast, once after my horrible run, and once after dinner.  I didn’t even TRY to use self control. I need to prove to myself that I am not ruled by that which comes out of the Stewart’s freezer.

4. Do 2 strength training workouts. The past two weeks I’ve made it a priority to fit one short stretch training circuit after one of my training runs. This week I want to aim to fit in two workouts.  I’m loving this Shoulder circuit from Courtney, and I plan to give this Strapless Dress Workout from Alyssa a try, too.

5. Weigh in on Sunday.  I haven’t weighed myself since I first set a goal to lose 10 pounds by June 1 almost three weeks ago.  It’s time for me to step onto the scale and do a bit of a self check-in.  I also know that I will make smart, clean, healthy choices this week knowing that I will be weighing myself Sunday, which I’ll take as a bit of added motivation.

What are your own healthy intentions and focuses this week?

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11 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend and Weight Loss

  1. G...

    Heather, don’t be too hard on you. We all slip-up. You know the answer to that one…G…

  2. Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

    I’m hoping to be able to keep the consumption of my Easter candy in check. I’ve got a LOT of goods on hand right now, and I definitely had more than my fair share of them this weekend!
    P.S. – Thanks for the shoulder workout and an even BIGGER THANK YOU for your super sweet card! I got it in the mail last week and have been meaning to get in touch with you. You are seriously the BEST and I miss you a LOT. xoxo
    Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life recently posted..A Quick Hello

  3. Ashley @ Freckles & Spice

    Sounds like you were able to balance some good and not so good choices. And that’s what counts right??
    I am the same with ice cream – it is my weakness. There are days when I have it multiple times in a row, and I make the same bargain with myself – no sweet treat indulgences until Friday/weekend.
    I also had been suffering the same problem with running that’s why I decided to cut back and stop training for now, and do what I want to do. I find that when I get the urge to run – still 1 – 2x a week I feel better about it than when I felt like I had to before.

    This week I am going to go to strong yoga at least twice, try not to sweat the small stuff, and get in 3 -4 cardio sessions of my chosing.

    Happy Monday!
    Ashley @ Freckles & Spice recently posted..Creating Our Own Easter Traditions

  4. Kayla

    I too need to get back to drinking more water! It’s sad how much harder it is for me to do that on days when I don’t work. At work, I’m sitting at a desk and it’s so easy to sip from water beside me, but when I’m around the apartment or running around town or hanging with friends, I have to think about it so much more and actually put forth the effort!

    I also hope I can keep up with the exercise I’ve been doing the last two weeks! It’s ridiculous how much better I’ve felt and how much a lot of different things in my life have improved as a result! I can’t believe I was so lazy before, ugh.

    Annnd… I’m going to try to go a little slower through the Easter candy. It’ll be hard since more is on the way from Mom. Gosh. Parents. haha.

    Huzzah for everyone’s goals!

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