Life Ruiners

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Apr 062012
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Let’s talk Life Savers hard candy. Or as I am overdramatically referring to them these days, Life Ruiners hard candy. Let me explain…

Everyone has their own favorite holiday treats.  Come October I want candy corn and marshmallow pumpkins.  When Christmas comes round, I want those peppermint taffy type things with the tree in the middle from Brach. [Did that awesome description confuse you? I mean these things.] And when Easter is around the corner, I want “spring” flavored Life Savers.

Years ago, I would relish over each bag filled with banana, cotton candy, watermelon, and raspberry flavors which only came around one season a year.  I loved all the flavors, but if I had to rank them, it would go this way: raspberry, cotton candy, watermelon, banana.

The past few springs in New York I haven’t been able to find my favorite collection of sweet little rings. But last week – BEHOLD! Look what I found….

Umm….but look closer. Raspberry – check. Watermelon – check. STRAWBERRY BANANA?!  Where are my cotton candy flavored wonders?  I tried not to be a total drama queen when I saw this development while I was standing in the aisle.  I thought to myself, “I can manage. I’ll just delight in the raspberry and watermelon even more so, right?”

Side note: I hate strawberry banana flavored just about anything. So of course, when I opened my bag of Spring Mix Life Savers hard candy, this happened:

See. Life Ruiners Hard Candy. LAME. #firstworldproblem

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  19 Responses to “Life Ruiners”

  1. LOLLOL i am the same way about Sweettart hearts around valentine’s day. For a couple years, they stopped selling big bags of them and I had to get my fix via 190203 tiny little pouches containing 4 candies each. Good news: this year, they re-released their candies as BIGGER, BETTER bits. I rejoiced and ate them until my tongue was blue and my stomach was sick. I can totally sympathize with you!

  2. While I can sympathize with you pain (A little piece of my soul dies every time I bite into a Cadbury Cream Egg and center is all dried out and stiff and not even a little bit creamy!), this post totally made my day!

    • I actually stopped buying Cadbury Cream Eggs for a few Easters because I’d rather have NO egg than to have a gross dried-out egg!

      This bag of LifeSavers is evil – you totally need to send a link to this blog post to the folks over at the Life Ruiners and demand reparations!

  3. oh life savers. they really were life savers in college. for whatever reason, my roommates and i started chasing our vodka shots with lifesavers instead of a soda, etc. before we went out. they really worked well to get the gross alcohol taste away.

    anyway, it became just how we rolled so we always had a full container of lifesavers around. i don’t think we ever tried these spring flavors though. just the regulars. i’d be devastated if they stopped making orange though – they are my absolute favorites!

  4. I laughed so hard!! This was so funny and totally true how something like this is a life ruiner!!!

  5. I didn’t even know those existed. But what I would do, seriously, is email the Life Savers people and attach that picture. Clearly, their flavor distribution is off, and they should compensate you with a free bag or something. (You could also take the opportunity to complain about the missing flavor.)

  6. I haven’t seen these Life Savers ever. I bet those Cotton Candy ones were amazing. I searched and searched for Butterfinger Eggs and all I could find were the little ones. :/

  7. heather. girl. i like you and all. i find you kind and intelligent and interesting. but… we need to have a very serious discussion about your preferred seasonal candies. are you kidding me with this list? candy corn? those horrid tree taffies? and at a time of reese’s peanut butter eggs and cadbury mini eggs, you choose to obsess over LIFESAVERS? this simply will not do.

  8. I do not approve of this change!! I used to keep those with me all spring!

  9. I feel your pain… I used to buy dozens of bags to pick out the cotton candy and give gallon bags of the other flavors away. I’ve even written the company. My proposal is full bags of yummy pink cotton candy lifesavers in Oct for breast cancer awareness!!!

  10. We have the same taste in flavors and this would piss me off!! lol. BUT there is good news… you can get a box of candy cane lifesavers and you’re guaranteed to get 2 watermelon and 2 raspberry candy canes. I got that and the rest I gave away as presents ;p

  11. Exactly. I’m ticked. Cotton candy was my FAVORITE.

  12. OMG! I have been looking EVERY WHERE for those damn Easter lifesavers! Cotton candey were my #1 fav of them (raspberry was a close 2nd). They were my all time fav lifesavers, ever since my mom bought them when I was young. Why the heck did they take out the cotton candy ones?! I still look in every store I can, every year around Easter, hoping lifesavers will bring cotton candy ones back 🙁

  13. Im in love with the spring mix! and have been seeing them this year at dollar tree stores in my area. I started to search to see if there were a way to get more of these “Spring Mix” bags. I say this posted and was kinda damn Jealous u have had cotton candy flavored Lifesavers before and a million Strawberry Bananas in that bag (those are my favorites, and could have took all those ones off your hand). Out of the 4 bags I had gotten I really got like 10 strawberry bananas and the rest was like 50 watermelons and raspberry LOL. Glad to see ppl that enjoy this mix too and I want COTTON CANDY and we all need to protest lifesavers and get them Back!!… and to keep the spring mix flavors somehow all year long.

  14. I so agree. I’ve been craving the cotton candy and banana ones. Loved the suckers. But I gladly took the little live savers but I’m not buying any now they got rid of them!

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