Lessons Learned & Remembered

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It seems that I took a lot of notes this week.  Reading blog posts, I’d come across a thought or sentence I simply needed to scroll down for later journaling purposes.  Skimming through a book, I do the same.  I often notice that a circle of creative energy has engulfed me for a time period of various lengths, such as this week, after several late nights spent discussing dreams and hopes for the future left me saying “hold on! I need to write that down” time and time again.  After spending a handful of hours working and writing at my kitchen table, the wall adjacent is filled with teal post it notes of  inspiration, motivation, quotations celebrating determination, and  words that are nothing more or less than nice.

Some words and thoughts I stumbled across are new – fresh ideas and perspectives I never put together before.  Others are simply ideas I have already owned in the past or lessons I’ve learned prior which had accidentally slipped from my memory, and somehow found their way back this week.  These are some lessons learned, and some lessons remembered.

1. Balance is not about making it all fit. It’s about fitting in what matters most, in appropriate amounts based on priorities.

2. If something bothers you enough to think about it twice, it’s time to do something about it. –inspired by Miz

3. Do you long for HAPPINESS? It’s truly up to you. TRUST.

4. In an effort to get to the place where you can choose happiness, sometimes it is necessary to allow yourself 2 minutes of temper tantrum. NECESSARY, I tell you. [this may or may not include – throwing whatever you are working on down the hallway, screaming at the top of your longs, a short ugly cry, self-pity, saying NO! one million times, or just angry dancing it out.]

5. Things will work out. Just as what you worried about five years ago has worked out in one way or another, whatever your worried about now, in time, will not be worth the worry.  STOP WORRYING. START EMBRACING.

6. Every so often, embrace procrastination.  Creative energy, new thoughts and inspirations often hide in the places where you should “really should be doing something else”  according to a plan, schedule, or expectations.

7. Running is supposed to be hard work. Hard work is good for you.

8. “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” -Albert Einstein. Take away: if you take the time and make the effort, you can do it/create it/learn it/understand it/get over it.

9. About that…. sometimes, you just need to GET OVER IT.

10. There is no right way for everyone.  Your way is not the right way. It is YOUR way.

11. Want to feel “better” in general?  Increase the amount of fresh produce you are consuming.

12. The moment is already here. You are in it. Celebrate the moment. When adding things to your “to-do” dreams, 5-year plan, bucket list, or overhearing yourself say “I’d like to do that sometime!”  – recognize and ask yourself WHY NOT NOW!?

13. Oh- and this post, and probably more so – the comments section, is worth your time.  Other favorites that had me nodding, clapping, cheering, or spiralling into deep thought this week: from Jenna. from Rachel. from Miz. [<-that’s the post that inspired me to adopt #2] from Tracy. from Ashley Ann. from Katie. More from Katie. and even more from Katie. [I really love what she’s doing over there, clearly.]

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