a v. general 2012

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My very general, not really at all measurable, (the opposite of this!) 12 resolutions for 2012:

1. I resolve to lurke less. comment on the blogs I’m enjoying rather than hide in the shadows of β€œnameless reader.”

2. I resolve to run. no doubt I will be setting more specific goals as race season approaches.

3. I resolve to try new things. keeping a mind open to all sorts of adventures, especially the small-every-day-type-adventures.

4. I resolve to determine my beliefs. all sorts of beliefs. what I believe without trying, what I choose to believe, what I stand for or against, who I want to be, what I know is right, and so on and so forth.

5. I resolve to accept myself. thoughts, actions, fears, dreams, and all that jazz.

6. I resolve to organize and unclutter. my apartment, my memories, my music, my priorities, my photos, my grudges, my day to day way of life.

7. I resolve to commit to the joke. period.

8. I resolve to honesty. it’s the best policy.

9. I resolve to tell stories out loud. crafting, forming, and working them out along the way.

10. I resolve to take time to listen. get to know people.

11. I resolve to write. words.

12. I resolve to share what I can. of what I have.

and you?

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9 thoughts on “a v. general 2012

  1. Rachel

    My emphasis this year is going to be on two things. First, making good habits a priority (I started New Year’s Day off by flossing and putting on moisturizer with sunscreen – dorky I know, but important!). Second, I want to remind myself continually that what I love more than anything is learning, and to incorporate learning into my daily life, whatever I feel like learning (baking bread, French lessons, whatever!). It doesn’t have to go towards any goal, I can just do it because I like it.

  2. Lauren

    So, I love these. And I was going to link to the post on FB and not comment, but that would be in total and flagrant violation of #1, soooo I guess I wanted to say that I love this. I really need to de-clutter like whoa, and running makes me so happy that it makes me crazy that I sometimes can’t make myself do it. Anyways, thanks, Heather! <3

  3. Emily @ Relishments

    Seeing as Lauren has already pointed out the error in violating number 1 on this post, I guess I’ll share my thoughts with you. These look great and I need to do several, if not all, of them myself.

    How do you manage to balance all these lists (28 in 28, resolutions, your previous 101 in 1001) at the same time?
    Emily @ Relishments recently posted..Highlights: 2011 in Lists

  4. Jenn

    In the spirit of #1 I think you and your resolutions are so great! Reading your posts always make me so introspective and really give me things to look at and ideas for my own life! I was also wondering the same thing as Emily. Does having so many different lists overwhelm you or do you feel like it gives you more direction? Also, how do you keep track!? You must be super organized! I make lists but then inevitably lose them or forget about em. Any suggestions?

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  7. Kayla

    I feel like sometimes it’s better to be more general with resolutions/goals. Sure, it’s harder to measure and be accountable, but there’s also less pressure and more flexibility, which is also good.

    Have I mentioned lately that I think you’re great? πŸ™‚


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