Daily Archives: December 29, 2011

Golden Year Goals Reflection

Before I jump into talking about my hope filled promises and resolutions for 2012, I thought it might be a good idea to look back at some other goals I’ve shared on THS and see how many of them remain unaccomplished. 

So I sat down with my list of Golden Year Goals: 28 in 28 and looked over my progress. HUH?!!??!!?!

Well, in honor of the celebration of my golden birthday, and therefore my golden year, I’ve decided to go big or go home, and have made a list of 28 lists I hope to complete before my 29th year.  Yesterday marked EXACTLY four months to go until I turn 29 [not that I’m counting or anything 😉 CELEBRATE!] which means I have 121 days to fill in all these little boxes:

Some of the goals on this list have stood the test of time. [and yes, by time, I mean 8 months.]  They are things I’m still happy to do, work towards, and try.  Some of the goals on the list have already been completed, mostly because they were super fun, super easy, or super both fun and easy.  Things like “print photos for the apartment” [I love this gallery by the way!], “listen to new podcasts” and “download new music” aren’t exactly medal-worthy accomplishments. That doesn’t seem to matter, though, as every time I look at these pages I smile BIG. 

The photos reflect memories and relationships I want to continue to cherish, and having them around my home makes my heart very happy.  The downloading of both music and podcasts has brought about a lot of great new discoveries to my ears.  New bands and artists whose songs have spun their way onto my life soundtrack.  And I’ve added podcasts to my listening schedule which have mastered making me laugh, teaching me things, giving me inspiration and creative ideas, and challenge my thinking.

Some other of the goals I’ve been working away at steadily throughout the year.  A couple this month, another the next. These are things I have enjoyed, and look forward to working towards the 28th participation.  Stepping outside my comfort zone and struggling through some poetry writing, for example.   Or watching movies I’ve never seen, drinking adult beverages I’ve never drank, and visiting nearby places I’ve never been.

There are goals that I still agree are great ideas, but have not been a priority in my life.  The seasons have changed in my day-to-day since April, and I’ve simply never made the time to post notes, or write things for others to read.  These are things I hope to work on in the new year, along with others, to continue to put creative logs on the brain-fire.

Then there are the goals which I will now label “I should have known better” goals.  Things I always say I want to do, but haven’t done EVER, and should really just abandon the idea of ever reaching the aim for some sort of, no doubt imaginary in my own mind, social ideal.  These goals go barely touched until “crunch time” [in this case, late March] when I realize completing this task 28 times is completely do-able in 4 and a half weeks, as long as I just really focus.  The idealist in me LOVES that plan.  The realist in me knows that “Send 28 TIMELY birthday cards” “publish 28 recipes on THS” “learn 28 new yoga poses” and “make 28 cookbook recipes” will still not have surpassed single digits in terms of my attempts to work on each task. 

I suspect “accept who you are, what you do, and where you are going and try not to make unrealistic expectation based goals, plans, and standards for yourself” may find it’s way onto the ole 2012 resolution list.