Daily Archives: December 28, 2011


Hi. Are you ready for some mush!?

Happy 30th Birthday to my favorite New York man, Nicholas.

ok. enough couple-y mush.

Today I face a to-do list so long it would make Santa shiver in his boots.  “Target Time” has it’s own column next to the tasks listed, so I can be sure to stay ahead of the game as much as possible. I’ve even factored in delays and allowed for space to struggle, because I know how my life works and, well, I want to succeed here, people!

I am preparing food for a very important dinner party, and I am very excited to be able to fold in love as I stir, and whisper in wishes for a wonderful year as I spread the fresh whipped cream on top of special birthday pies.  I want everything to be perfect, of course I do!, but I know that no matter how much time, effort, or money I poured into this dinner, it would never be enough to show Nick how important he is to me, how deeply I care about him, or how much I admire and adore him.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t try just a little bit, right?

Later this week I hope to share some photos and details of the (rather casual) party, the planning, and the CELEBRATION of it all.  For now, here’s a teeny tiny sneak peek:

inspired by this chica of awesome <—-