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Q&A with The Megan

Hey, friends! Heather here.  Are you getting as excited about Megan’s upcoming brilliant posts as I am?  [She’s going to love that pressure I just put on her pending brilliance – trust me!]

Megan and I first discussed her contributions to THS just about a YEAR ago, and I am so happy to finally see this coming to fruition.  I know she has a lot of stories to share, adventures to document, and friends to make. [Seriously. You guys are going to LOVE her. I know it.] I sent Megan a list of questions to answer for a little Q&A session.  I really think you’ll like learning more about Meg and her life. 


Tell us about your personal style:
HA! Um, I’m a radical queer hippy brunette feminist who loves sex, soda, sleeping and scarves.

It took me awhile, but I am quite comfortable outside of the bounds of normal (this is the definition of “queer”-though I also don’t believe gender defines love.)

Though I try to be respectful of all political opinions, I am so far left, I am outside the spectrum.  Conservatives want things to stay the same or go back to how they were.  Liberals, by definition want things to progress within the system.  Radicals want a whole new system!  (That’s me!) 

Though I died my hair platinum blonde for a summer as an identity performance, I identify as a brunette.  I love hippy culture (peace, love, happiness. Ice cream. Cheesy, but do we need anything else?) 

I am also an eco-feminist.  Liberal feminism (which is most common) stresses the equality of all humans in economic, social, religious, political, etc areas.  Eco-feminsim includes all of nature, positing that all creatures should work to find harmony.  It’s like the feminist version of The Force from Star Wars-all things have power and when something big happens “there is a disturbance in the force.”

I also pay very little for my clothes.  I love to take things my friends are getting rid of and I LOVE thrifts stores!  It took me a long time to comfortably find my style (I one time tried to buy a shirt from Abercrombie just to be popular. Ugh. Throw up. Glad that’s over!)  I find bra’s and underwear confining (don’t need them.  Nothing to put in them.)  I love European boots and accessories, own over 100 scarves, love wearing artistic jewelry and when my hair is long, like to pin it up like art.

My house is full of art – some nude! Gasp! Photos, peacock feathers, words, images, and the feeling of movement. Personal style is sometimes best seen, so here are some visuals!!!


What is one goal you are currently working towards?
My dear friend Brad and I recently wrote a 26 page critical analysis about how Lady Gaga is queering to common. I very much would like that published in a respected academic journal. Soon.

What is one recent accomplishment you are proud of?
I’ve got several.
I’ve started making bread in a new bread machine. It tastes good. It is incredibly inexpensive to make. I bake it for people. I eat it myself. I’m very, very proud.
I’ve started mailing packages to people all over the nation. It makes me feel great!
I organized most of my life last spring. Better than ever before!! VERY LIBERATING!!


How do you know Heather?
I met Heather at the end of 6th grade when she moved to the Lodi area, the town I went to school in. We became friends in 7th grade and used to upset both of our parents by the large phone bills that were a result of our young, awkward, friendship that often surrounded who we had a crush on.

In high school, Heather and I were both in a lot of the same activities, including show choir, the musical, the fall play, and were both very active people in our high school. We stayed friends when we went to college but we did go a couple of years without really talking. (We lived far apart, were very busy and just lost track of each other)


Then one day, we talked on the phone and it was like it had only been a long weekend!! We have stayed in touch ever since! Heather often sends me the Story People card that says, “You’re the strangest person I ever met, she said & I said you too & we decided we’d know each other a long time.” Our friendship is the perfect combination of deep history and exciting new opportunities.

Why do you want to be a part of THS?
Well, and a way to communicate with people. I am a professor in a communication department and a seasoned performer. I fully believe that just about everything can be an act of 1) communication and 2) performance. Thus this is communicate performance!!!
Oh, and I love to write!
AND I’m a photographer.
And I love to cook.
Um, I was made for THS! (Did I mention I love Heather?)


How did you discover blogs?
Honestly, mostly because of Heather. I am an avid reader and performer, so I was familiar with blogs just by that. But once Heather started writing one, that definitely opened me up to the world of blogs. I also used blogs in my thesis performance (the thesis that Heather often shows unsuspecting people and talks about on her blog).

From my blog posts, you can expect:
Honesty (sometimes to the point of social discomfort). Humor. Life through my perception. A healthy mixture of sorrow.  Lots of references to theory and research.  Questioning. Curiosity. Oh and passion.  Lots and lots of Passion.

Even more fun questions coming soon!  Do you have questions you’d like Megan to answer? I triple dog dare you to ask her something you think she’d turn down answering Winking smile  Let’s make it exciting, friends!

xo – Heather [& Megan]