Daily Archives: December 21, 2011

The Megan

HI!!! I’m the Megan! It’s nice to officially meet you (though you have seen many pictures of me in high school, so we are already very intimate, right?)  Heather asked me to tell you guys a bit about myself.


I wrote this little quotation a while ago.  It’s a bit vague, but I think does a nice job trying to explain my insides:

This one body is incapable of holding everything in that I crave and feel. I get so overwhelmed with the possibilities of what I could be, of what could happen that it’s like I stall in the down time. I don’t know how to handle the minutes in between the moments. Yet, better than anyone, I am involved and affected by the moments, I thrive in them.

I’m an energetic soul that has found a home for now. (One day I will need a PhD in a place that is currently unknown-new adventure!) I live in Fargo, ND (something I never expected to say!) where I am a teacher and I absolutely love it.  It is what I am meant to be doing.  I teach college speech courses and coach a nationally ranked college speech team.

I love to watch cop shows. I am slowly watching all of the CSI’s season by season. I’ve already seen every NCIS episode in order. I talk a lot but am getting better at listening. I studied sign language for 2 years, am a photographer, have a scarf collection and think that Fiona Apple is singing just for me.

megan food

As I get older, I have started to more value food as fuel and I love to cook. I also am obsessed with smoothies. McDonald’s discovering how to make smoothies has been AMAZING!

I also have chronic pain. It mostly resides in my lower back, but I hold tension in my body and therefore often have pain in lots of places.

My drug of choice is soda. I’m hard core-none of that diet stuff. My favorite is Sundrop. Though it has had recent national fame, but I have loved it since before memory.  I also love Mt. Dew, Pepsi, Coke, etc. 


My favorite color is purple.  It is the passion color. I am constantly striving for happiness and joy – I collect bouncy balls, try to love a lot and sink deeply into food and music. Oldies are my favorite kind of music because my dad would play it every morning on the way to school and I knew all of the songs on the oldies station by the age of 5. I also like acoustic music and singer/song writer type music.

I love to cry.  I cry for many emotions-it is how I process.  It is not weak, it is beautiful. I am in the very small percentage of people that have no body image issues-I think I’m beautiful. I also don’t let people or imaginary fear stop me-I sort of do what I want and what I think is beautiful.


I have an MA in Communications, but also have a background in theater. I was trained in "no apology" acting and have transferred that to "no apology" living-basically being conscious at all times so that you should ideally never have to regret or apologize-if you are trying your hardest and something needs more justification, you just do it better next time. Choose not to do things you will regret. The goal is to never have to apologize.

I am odd. Queer. Weird. Not of a normal persuasion. But I love myself very much. I am finding it harder and harder not to be a conspiracy theorist radical feminist-or someone who sees the power abuse and oppression in just about everything. I am confused by people who don’t want equality. I really love the crafting of arguments. (Basically, I drive my mother crazy).


I’m 29 years old! I love getting older. I feel like fine wine….or maybe cheese! I am from Wisconsin….