Daily Archives: December 16, 2011


<> Thanks for chiming in and giving your opinions on the GOMI post earlier this week.  The discussion has been good, and some comments specifically have pushed me outside of my little box, yet again. 

<> Some people have shared a curiosity on what I’ve changed, or plan to change, on THS in response to the THS Survey and such.  I’m working on that and will definitely be sharing when the time comes.

<> Miss Judi, my Mom’s best friend, sent the cutest customized ornament to add to the tree this year!  Check it:   

<> Miss Judi works at Personalization Mall, and I’m a huge fan.  There are tons of fun gift ideas [I love this, this and this for gift giving!]   Everything I’ve ever received from Personalization Mall [like this, this, this, this, and this, which hangs at my parents’ house and I think is a great gift for a family! ]  is great quality, their pricing is reasonable and I think that personalized gifts really show you wanted something special for your loved one. 

<> If you want to purchase something from Personalization Mall, send me an email. [thenheathersaid at gmail!]  I have a coupon code or two I’ve been hanging on to for a while and I’d be willing to share with you for 20% off your first order! 

<> Tomorrow night we are going to a game night party, with Grey Goose and buffalo chicken dip in hand.   Also found two new non-beers at the local market we may pick up to try.  Angry Orchard’s Apple Ginger and Mike’s Hard Winter Blackberry.  Has anyone tried these?  Would you recommend either? Or both? 

<> Nothing else too exciting to share at the moment.  I have had Blessed Union of Souls’ “Light In Your Eyes” stuck in my head for DAYS, now.  Please tell me what song has been in YOUR head this week, so I can move on to another annoying pop tune.