Daily Archives: December 11, 2011

Christmas Favorites

The other day, one of my all time favorite internet friends, Nichole, posted a list of her Christmas favorites. I had to jump on the band wagon and give my own list a try.  ‘Tis the season, right?

Tradition: Baking my heart out!  I love the whole process: choosing recipes, shopping for ingredients, having ten things going at once, packaging treats, and delivering to unsuspecting people in my life who deserve to bit of sweetness. [The UPS man, my neighbors, landlord, etc.]


Movie: The Family Stone. It’s not just my favorite Christmas movie, it’s my favorite movie. period.

Hymn: Joy to the World. I especially love “repeat the sounding joy.” Mostly thanks to that movie up there.

Reindeer: Vixen. I bet she often gets the shaft because of the way society views “vixens” in general.

Naughty or Nice: Mostly nice with a tiny bit of mischief. Winking smile 

Multi-color lights or clear: Either – but not both.  I like the BIG old colored lights best, though.  But you can’t deny the beauty of a little cottage all decked out in white lights!

Smell: I’m pretty crazy about the Yankee Candle “Christmas Eve” scent these days.  I was gifted a few candles in this scent last year, and I’ve been happily sniffing them all month long.

Seasonal Treat: My mother’s breakfast bake! We eat it each year as we open gifts and hang out together in the living room, playing with our new toys. I’ve made a few times when it wasn’t Christmas morning and it simply wasn’t the same.

Christmas Picture: This picture from a few years ago at my parents house warms my heart from so far away!


Sight: A full mailbox.  I love receiving greetings from people all across the globe at this time of year!

Best gift: Can I count Benson as an early Christmas gift from the universe?  I am so obsessed with that little fuzz-bucket!

Worst gift: I always feel like the gifts I give are the worst of the whole bundle everyone receives!

Special Memory: For some reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about when we used to live in Wisconsin and would go cut down our own Christmas tree.  It’s not something we did my entire life [after all, I lived in Chicago land until I was 12 and trees to cut were few and far between] but the few years we did trek through the rows and rows of trees until we found the perfect one fills a very warm place in my heart.

Dislikes: Not having more to give. And being away from these smiling faces:


Your turn to join in the fun! Go ahead and share your own Christmas favorites in the ole comment section; or if you are feeling inspired and have a blog of your own, publish your own post. [but please link back to Nichole! It’s the best thing to do.]