Go! Go! Sports Girls

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I should have told you about this long ago.  

If you have a young girl your life, you should consider buying her a Go! Go! Sports Girl.


A long, long time ago, I started a conversation with a woman named Jodi. Jodi created Go! Go! Sports Girls for a really good reason; “as a fun and educational way to promote self-appreciation and the benefits of daily exercise, healthy eating and sleeping habits, self-esteem and overall healthy life-skills for girls ages 3-12.” [from the Go! Go! Sports Girls website]

When I first heard about these dolls of positivity, I was massively impressed in what Jodi had done.  What a terrific idea to help promote healthy decisions EARLY ON in a child’s life. 

I knew I wanted to share the dolls with you guys on THS, for several reasons.  Most importantly, I didn’t start caring about my health, and the benefits of healthy decisions, until I was already in my late twenties.   Of course, I took health class and went to the doctor and “knew” that my health was “important” but I didn’t really grasp the concept until much later in life, clearly.  I think these dolls are a great teaching tool for young girls. 

I am always in awe of parents like Carla who make a point to really talk to their children about health and self-appreciation.  [if you don’t yet read Carla’s blog, Mizfit Online, you should!  Go browse around and learn about her mission to ‘be your own superhero’ and how she passes it on to her adorable super-hero-of-a-daughter.]   A Go! Go! Sports Girl would be a great gift for a young girl in your life who deserves to hear about the importance of healthy decisions early in her life!

Several different physical activities are available from Go! Go! Sports Girls, and it seems that they are expanding their line.  They currently offer dolls who love to dance, practice gymnastics, run, swim, and play soccer, golf, basketball, and softball.  Each doll comes with a fitness bag on her back, which carries the tools she needs to practice her fitness activity, like a soccer ball for Cassie the soccer star!

I also really love Jodi’s dedication to make sure the doll’s images are “innocent,” as stated on the website, and that the dolls promote self-appreciation!  Each doll is sporting some undergarmets of innocence, and has a motivational message on her tummy. Adorable!

 I was also very thankful to see that Jodi didn’t use a cookie-cut approach when designing the girls.  There are currently eleven dolls available and each one is different. A variety of skin tone, hair style, and eye color can be found throughout the line, and I really appreciate toy comapnies who don’t ignore, but rather embrace, the wonderful uniqueness in the cultures and ethnicities in their customers.

You can find Go! Go! Sports Girls at a variety of online retailers.  The three you see here are Cassie [soccer], Ella [runner], and Taye [basketball] – a trio of awesome if you ask me!

Disclaimer: Clearly, Jodi sent me these dolls to share with you guys.  I received them free of charge, and the opinion stated is definetely my own. [I actually asked Jodi to send me the dolls because I was so in love with their concept!] 

Also, Jodi and I decided that these dolls should be shared.  These three lovely ladies are being donated to a local toy collection for needy children in my area.  Gotta love a toy company who wants to partner up to do a little bit of good in my community!

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2 thoughts on “Go! Go! Sports Girls

  1. Alice

    These are the best dolls I’ve ever seen and they’re available from websites that ship to Australia – double win! I will definitely ne sharing these with my friends who have young girls.
    Alice recently posted..Strange happenings

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