Where’s THS?

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Nov 292011

wheres heather

Then Heather Tweeted.
Then Heather Facebooked.
Then Heather Ran.
Then Heather Pinned.
Then Heather Read Books.
Then Heather Tumbled.
Then Heather Administrated.

self 45

Then Heather Guest Posted:

Then Heather was Featured:


Interested in my what it looks like inside my humble home? Rosey Rebecca does a fine job of showing off some cute details in my apartment.

jenna cole

You can also see me laugh myself through Dallas with 3 of my dearest friends, at this 2009 Playdate Photo Shoot with Jenna Cole.

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  1. FUN! I’ve just started a page where I save links related to my blog. I hope to have an expansive list like yours someday. Bravo! (And I did want to see cute features of your apartment :) read my mind)
    Halley (Blunder Construction) recently posted..A Year In Photos

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