Date Night Jars

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Nov 232011
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Things that are an important part of keeping myself happy: alone time, friend time, “group” date time, and one-on-one time with my boyfriend.  Each of these are an important part of my life and I try to make each one a priority each week. 

Naturally, many of my evenings are spent with Nick, making dinner, watching tv, and simply being in the same room together.  It is important to us that we also make time to do things together.  Not just dinner and television type things, but experiences that we don’t take part in every day. 

We’ve dedicated ourselves to one “date night” [or “date day”] a week.  Early in the week we discuss our plans, and come up with ideas for our date.  We started throwing ideas back and forth a few weeks ago, and suddenly a list was born.  Not too long afterwards, these date night jars were born, too.


We decided to have two jars.  At first I suggested having a jar for free dates and a jar for dates which cost money. Then Nick persuaded me to have one jar for dates that cost less that $2 and one jar that costs more than $2, because we can always scrounge up eight quarters 😀

We each shared some suggestions on the list, then I wrote them on paper, folded small, and added to the appropriate jar.  I’ve kept a notebook handy nearby, too, for when more ideas cross our minds.  Some of the date night ideas are simple, and others are more detailed.  Some are go-out-and-do dates, and some are stay-in-and-relax dates.  Some are classic favorites [dinner and a movie is still fun, just not fun every week!] and others are new places/sites neither of us has visited.  I’d be more than willing to share a list on THS if anyone is interested. 

Of course, we won’t need to use the jars every week – for example, this week we are going to see The Muppets!- but it will certainly come in handy when we are looking for a fresh idea on spending some time together.  Especially since many of our conversations end up looking a little like this:

H: What do you think?
N: It’s up to you.
H: Well, my decision is that it’s now up to you.

And so on and so forth.

After putting the jars together, I decided to give them a small touch of creative, and added some handwritten paper tags tied with yarn.   BONUS! The paper decorations on the jars match this frame I have in my living room perfectly, so I’m thinking a new photo of Nicholas and I may need to be added to it soon!  ]

Do you have any fresh ideas for date nights?  What is your favorite date activity of all times? Any suggestions we can add to our jars?

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  14 Responses to “Date Night Jars”

  1. Hubs and I used to have date nights then they kept getting pushed aside, I think we need to reinstate them! I’d love some of your ideas

  2. I love this idea!! Some of my favorites are going to As You Wish and painting pottery together (or any crafty type thing you can do together really), mini golf, bowling, picnic, staying in and playing games (because I’m 5 years old haha), going to the art museum, sidewalk chalk, and around this time of year putting on a holiday movie and decorating together, or even making a date out of present shopping. Oooohh and also taking the puppies to the dog park together!

  3. Annnd I’m stealing this idea 🙂 Date nights are so, so important to us. Sometimes if couples are together for a long time, they forget to do things like dressing up for each other or going on dates – and we try really hard NOT to fall into that rut. It sounds silly but Living Social and Groupon have done WONDERS for our date night ideas. $30 dinner for $15 bucks? Yes please! Bowling for two for half price? Heck yes! Do two you use either of those sites?

    • YES! I love Groupon and Living Social – and –> I recently purchased a gift cert to a pizza place nearby which costs us $12 total for $35 of food!

  4. I am very interested in your list! We always get stuck in ruts doing the same date nights over and over again. I always welcome fresh ideas, and well, cheap dates are few and far between for us!

  5. 1) This is a FANTASTIC idea.
    2) Benson. So cute. 1000% reminds me of Miss Kitty. (whose most recent nickname, btw, is Caturday 🙂 )
    3) I reeeeealy want to see the Muppets movie……but I have a feeling I might not have time to go to a movie until it is out of theaters 🙁

  6. I LOVE this idea!! I’d love to see the list too…we could always use some new ideas! Cute jars too 🙂

  7. Window shopping/playing “if I won the lottery I’d buy this” while wandering downtown shopping areas was something we’d do back in the days of Miss Yarnalone and Darth Boyfriend. We’d get hot chocolate (cheap!) and the only big payment was parking.

  8. Okay. I have to say how much I love this idea!!!! A game night or Redbox rental or BOGO ice cream date would definitely be on my under $2 list.

  9. These are all great ideas to freshen our date night thoughts. We are guilty of getting in date night ruts…

  10. I LOVE this idea!!

  11. […] keeps two date night jars – one with date ideas under $2, and one with date ideas that are a little […]

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