List Wishing

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In the past week or so, I’ve read about a dozen blog posts including gift guides, favorite things, and wish lists.  I find these kinds of lists incredibly fascinating [I love seeing what my favorite online personalities are suggesting/lusting after/hoping for!] and ultimately helpful [book suggestions & kitchen tool reviews, especially!].   Plus, it’s fun to share these kinds of lists, too.  It’s almost a sort of community day-dreaming, right? 


Let’s get to it: Some things I’m asking Santa for this Christmas:

Blogger/Writer Additions:


Laptop –  It’s time, people.  My netbook has been loved to bits [hardy har har] and I live in constant fear that it will stop working one day. 

Digital Voice Recorder –  This would be the next must have tool in my writing tool kit, I would put money on it.  A suggestion from Nicholas, as the number of times I’ve been telling a story had a major revelation and said “I wish someone was dictating everything I just said – this is perfect for my writing!” has been on the rise the past several weeks.

Inspirational Prints/Post Cards – I would love to have a few of these in frames near my writing work space.


Runner Additions:

Compression Sleeves – I’ve thought about buying these since the early days of my running story, mostly thanks to my dear friend Ashley’s suggestion.  After hearing Julie’s experiences with them recently, my desire to add these to my running gear is on the rise.

Woman’s Running Magazine – 20 month subscription.  I’ve loved this book that Corey gifted me last Christmas, and I would love to have some female-minded-running-discussion delivered to my inbox each month.

Foam Roller – I’ve never owned a foam roller, despite reading about the benefits of using one after running for the past two years.  I’ve tried “rolling” with various friends’ cylinders of foam several times, and my muscles always feel AWESOME afterwards. 


[lengthy] Kitchen Lover Additions:

Le Creuset Silicone Prep Bowls – I’m lovin’ this bright, multi-colored set for preparing my favorite recipes.

Owl Measuring Cups –  An item which has been sitting in my “WANT!” list for way too long, especially since these beauties are only $19!!! [actually, I wouldn’t mind a West Elm gift card – SO MUCH cute, affordable stuff there.  I’m also loving these bowls for $6 a pop.]

Rolling Cart – My little apartment kitchen could use a bit of additional, affordable storage.  This would be especially helpful on major baking projects.

French Press – my old travel press, which I bought on clearance years ago,  is not cutting it any longer.  

To Go Containers &  Rubber/Silicone Spatulas –  because you can never have enough of either, in my opinion. [and my collection has dwindled in the past year due to excessive cooking and sending leftovers home with friends, plastic containers never to be seen again. Sharing deliciousness is totally worth it,  though, right?]

Kitchen Scale – you know; for measuring things.


Reader Additions:

The Nerdist Way – this book was released earlier this month and I have done everything in my power not to order it and save it for my Christmas list.  I love Chris Hardwick and all things Nerdist [especially the Nerdist podcast and other Nerdist industry podcasts.]  And after listening to Chris on my IPod for the past two years, I know this book is going to have a major impact on my goal setting and achieving.

People are Unappealing Even Me – This book was recommended in the comments section of Rachel Wilkerson’s blog long ago, and has been on my list ever since.

The Vault of Walt – secrets of Disney? Yes, please. I think this would be a great read after my love for Neal Gabler’s biography of Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination.


Randomness Additions:

Puzzles! [there may or may not be six different puzzles on my Amazon wishlist. Ahem.]

Madison Lakes Paper Art – Incredibly unique and a perfect fit for my location themed kitchen décor, don’t you think?



What are you wishing and hoping for this holiday season?

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5 thoughts on “List Wishing

  1. Andrea

    Ahahaha… it really is dangerous for your wallet (and your loved ones wallets) to be a kitchen fanatic. I literally cannot go into a department store/target/kitchen supply store without adding 3 new things to my mental wish list. There are just too many fun gadgets!! My poor, small, apartment kitchen…
    Andrea recently posted..Cranberry, pomegranate, and kale stem stuffing.

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