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Nov 212011
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Review: The Weekend

>>>Ran a couple of miles while snow fell from the sky.  Felt like a badass, not going to lie.

>>>Delighted in a new beverage at J. Watt’s Barista House. [<– New{ish} webiste!]  It’s like a non-fat latte meets breve.  Gingerbread White Chocolate Latte with ½ skim, ½ half and half.  All that richness, but only half the calories and fat as a regular breve. WIN.

>>>Cuddled with Benson. [and uploaded some new photos of him to the “Benson the Blitten” album on the THS Facebook page. ]

>>>Made omelet sandwiches for Nicholas and I for brunch.  [Omelet sandwiches of awesome = Giant omelet filled with chipotle chicken sausage and pepper jack cheese, cut in half to share. Served on these amazing rosemary ciabatta rolls, with a smear of Marzetti’s Southwest Ranch Dip. [I am OBSESSED with adding this dip to just about every.little.thing.  So delicious.]

>>>Watched the 25-ways to wear a scarf video that Courtney shared last week at least three times.  Wore my scarf a different way both Friday and Saturday!

>>>Ordered Chinese take-out with friends. Ordered honey-garlic chicken on a whim. Best whim EVER.  So good!

>>> Laughed out loud to Jason Segel and the Muppets on SNL 😀

>>>Backed up my 2011 [thus far] photos from my computer to USB drives. BOOM.

>>>Read a few chapters from The Lake of Dreams. My desire for a stained glass window is on the rise.

>>>Made Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip, minus the chocolate chips, add M&Ms.

>>>Thought Nicholas and I were going to be Taboo all-stars at couples game night. 

>>>Realized that Nicholas and I are not Taboo all-stars. [yet.]

>>>Fell deep-in-like with Arizona Blueberry White Tea.




Preview: The Week

>>>Run three times. Keep logging the miles for my personal Nov/Dec challenge.

>>>Finish several projects at the office, and prepare for my review next week! [exciting!]

>>>Listen to several podcasts as I run errands, tackle chores, and continue the reorganization of my life.

>>>Read Megan’s Philly marathon recap.  You know, I still don’t ever plan on running a marathon myself, but Liz and Megan both inspire me incredibly with their race recaps, training reports, and running stories.  If you want to read about running, I highly suggest these two blogs.

>>>Make Mini Turkey Meatloaf [from this book] and Butternut Squash fries for dinner some night.  Make frozen pizza and brownies for dinner on Thanksgiving .  

>>>See The Muppets!  Hooray!   

>>>Cuddle with Benson.

>>>Attend my dear friend Kirian’s Black Friday party.  Rejoice in her cooking and generosity.

>>>Drink red wine. [I’m working on a bottle of Crush red blend from Dreaming Tree wines. That’s Dave Matthew’s vineyard, my friend. And yes, of course I’ve listened to “Crush” while sipping it.] 

>>>I’d really like to make some time to do the following: write for the sake of writing, put together a puzzle, partake in a dance party, bake something yummy worth sharing, write a letter, take some photos, visit with an old friend, make a new friend, give high fives, and laugh with a stranger.  Oh, looks like I just made a little list of fun to-dos. Oops 😉

>>>Hopefully some sort of SURPRISES will take place. And some magic, too. [I am hopeful. Duh.]

>>>Remind you to enter the Wii Giveaway. [as of my writing this, there are only 63 entries!!]

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  8 Responses to “Review/Preview”

  1. Hahaha, I watched the video a dozen times myself and also mastered the “Celebrity” this weekend! 🙂
    Loving the Benson pic…he’s getting SO BIG!


  2. I loved Lake of Dreams. It is the most recent book I feel asleep while trying to finish reading (aka the one more page, no one more, ok ONE more then I’ll turn off the light.)

  3. Do you get your chinese food from Ming’s Flavor? Because I love that place so much.

    I would like a Taboo world championship because I think K and I would win 🙂

    • YESSSSSSSSSS! Try the Honey Garlic chicken. It was a special they had listed on the counter board (not on the menu) and it was SO TASTY!!!

  4. I’m so jealous that you went running in the snow!! Badass, yes. But I bet it was gorrrgeoooous!! And I love the omelette sandwich idea! Brilliant!

  5. Love your Thanksgiving plans 🙂

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