These Days

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These Days I’m Loving:


Puzzles. Jigsaw, mostly.  I love putting them together on my own, at my apartment, while I listened to a podcast and wait for dough to rise.  I love putting them together with a group of friends, sharing jokes and conversation while we fit the each piece together.  I love ‘playing puzzle’ [what I’ve been calling it these days] at the coffee shop, which usually brings strangers my way to make conversation about the puzzle, and occasionally I can convince them to play puzzle, too.


The Joy the Baker podcast. I’ve been listening since week 1, but sometime this fall, when life started to get a bit more hectic, I cut my podcast listening down to only a fraction.  I’m FINALLY on catch up mode, and working my way through September, October, and November episodes of all my favorite podcasts. [You can see my first list of Podcast recommendations here.]  This week I’ve listened to several Joy the Baker podcasts, and I’ve enjoyed laughing along as Joy and Tracy talk about every.little.thing.  If you haven’t already checked this podcast out, do so.

Being a bit spontaneous. No matter if it’s grocery shopping after midnight, watching a movie in bed, baking cookies on a whim, or having a flavored honey stick tasting with friends.  [We sampled spearmint, lime, pina colada, pineapple, and what I think was apricot. I liked the lime best.]



These Days I am OVER:

“Friends” who make me feel bad about myself.  This summer I allowed myself to feel heartbroken by things people in my life said to and about me.  When I recognized that certain people in my life were treating me poorly, I realized it was time to stop making excuses and apologies for them, and to them, too.  I’m done with the “friendships” that revolve around me defending myself, my thoughts, my words, or my actions.  I was not made to be friends with everybody.  I can be pleasant to everyone, and kind to everyone, true.  But it is not necessary for me to feel badly every time I hang out with certain people. Luckily this post on friend break-ups was a big help!

Having bad days at the office. Okay, sometimes work gets stressful.  I truly LOVE my job, and the people I work with, but that doesn’t mean things are sunshiney and rainbows 100%, right?  After several strings of weeks of grumpiness, wanting to keep to myself and remain pretty quite, I’ve had enough.  Monday I was in a fairly unfriendly mood for the majority of the day, and the second I walked out the office door I felt instantly better.  I remembered that my attitude is under MY control, and took back the reigns.  I’ve declared the remainder of the week awesome.  Yesterday was awesome, and today is awesome, too.  Tomorrow and Friday will also be most awesome.  Basically, my new rule is this: Only one less than awesome day a week.  Monday was a grumpy, less-than-awesome day which means that I can not, and will not, be grumpy the remainder of the week. BOOYAH attitude adjustment.


What are you loving these days? What are you over?

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20 thoughts on “These Days

  1. Jenn

    I’m totally over one-sided friendships. Like you, I made excuses for their behavior and never really took care of it. Over the summer, I totally weeded out the people who only brought negativity to the table. Best decision I’ve made in a long time!
    Jenn recently posted..Eggs In A Hole

  2. Kayla

    Oh, I miss doing puzzles!!

    These days I love a good breeze, chicken stir fry, cuddling with my honey while we watch our favorite sitcoms, and getting mail!

    These days I am over shaving my legs (come on, cooler weather!), mean customers, and people who never recycle even when it’s perfectly convenient!

  3. Jessica

    I went through the same thing with “Friends who make me feel bad”. Letting go was hard. The other party actually went out of their way to try and sabotage all my other relationships with mutual friends. It is still going on now. I am still flabbergasted. It is nice to know Heather you went through some tough friendships too.

  4. Kajsa

    Hope I haven’t been too silent of a friend. My class LOVED you. I have been hearing some say that they want to write on your blog. Thank you thank you. I may have you do it again this spring for my grad class. Hugs!

    1. Heather Post author


      I love you, dear. and i loved guest lecturing in your class. I’ve been emailing with some of the students and have even started following some of their blogs!! you are doing good work over there, my friend! xoxo

  5. Laura

    My family LOVES puzzles. At every major holiday we had one puzzle that we would work on together over the weekend or few days we celebrated. They were awesome. Our favorites were the mystery puzzles where you don’t find out the answer to the mystery until you finish the puzzle.

    We should get a puzzle for my house now that I think about it. If only my dogs wouldn’t eat the pieces. Grrr.

    Let’s see. I’m totally applying to dietetic internships. Don’t tell anyone I said that (haha) but seriously. Why isn’t it February 15th so I can have my applications turned in. Then it should immediately be April 1st so I know where I’m going, if I’m moving out of the Tejas and so I can freaking TALK ABOUT IT on my blog and stop having to keep everything so hush hush. #notbitter

    What am I loving? Zen hot tea (I just pulled out the packet you sent me yesterday), the fact that it’s almost Thanksgiving, the fact that this semester is almost over, my boyfriend and blankets.
    Laura recently posted..a day with points

    1. Heather Post author

      i love you. [duh.]
      and i cant WAIT to learn abotu where you will be going, too. [can i put a vote in for Albany? is that an option? can it be!?]

      its on my top ten list.
      oh. i may have to do a top ten tea list for the fall soon! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    1. Heather Post author

      i agree on 1 & 2, but i have to say, I love that my boyfriend constantly uses the word “meh.”

      though…i am smart enough to realize that in about 3 months time it will annoy the CRAP out of me. ha.

  6. Andrea

    I love: starting off days feeling healthy, whether it’s a mini workout, a run, or a super healthy breakfast, or all three.

    I love: spending time making dinner.

    I love: my husband’s and my (what’s the grammatically correct way to say that?) new and near-nightly routine of movie watching.

    I’m OVER: being grumpy in my workplace as well!! I just started a new job today, and I am going to make an everyday effort to be present and engaged in all my doings there… learning the work, learning the products, getting to know my coworkers, making customers happy and enjoying whatever it is I am doing.

    Love that you are into puzzles!! I need to start that habit.
    Andrea recently posted..Fall Battenburg Cake.

  7. Jo

    This is the first time I’ve been to your blog but I just had to say I love this post!

    I am SO over one-sided, bad friendships. I just have to work on ending them, I suppose…
    Jo recently posted..I am so hungry.

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