Oct 142011

At some point this summer, my friend Molly and I found ourselves at Target.
Of course, you know what this means.  Lots of “oh, I want that!” and “look at these!” and “I wish I were a millionaire.”  Also, as you could guess, we ended up leaving with a handful of items that were not on any sort of “to-buy” list upon entering the store. And, clearly, the “twenty-minute trip” took well over an hour. Shocked, anyone? I didn’t think so.

The entire reason we went to Target was to find beer tank tops.  Molly had recently started working at a hip local bar as a hostess and the ‘uniform’ for employees is a tank top or t-shirt featuring the logo from a beer sold at this particular hot spot.   We couldn’t track down any tank tops at Target, but we did find some standard Men’s t-shirts with beer logos on them.  Molly decided to pick them up and add a bit of a personal flare.  When she walked into my living room with this Budweiser shirt, I begged her to let me shoot a tutorial of how-to turn a men’s t-shirt into a feminine styled shirt for THS.

DIY How-To: Turn a Men’s T-shirt into a Girly Top

What you need:

  • 1 t-shirt, which fits closely, but not too tightly
  • a pair of scissors

5.14 044

Step 1: put on the t-shirt. [and smile pretty.]

5.14 047

Step 2: Grab one side of the collar and pull away from your body, as if you are trying to stretch out the collar like a rock star.

5.14 050

Step 3: Continue to pull at the collar until you create a rip in the seam which holds the collar to the t-shirt.  Pull this rip apart until you create a round hole.

5.14 051

Step 4: Cut one line in the collar, removing it from the shirt, creating a type of pull strip of collar.

Step 5:  Pull the strip of collar away from the shirt, all the way around the collar area.

5.14 052

Step 6: When you reach the end of the collar strip, snip with scissors. [try to think of 1 million uses for the piece of fabric. my suggestions? kitten toy or fabric rose material]

5.14 0535.14 054

Step 7: Pull at one side of the newly made collar area to stretch it out.

5.14 055

Step 8: Switch sides and try again.

5.14 056

Wasn’t that easy!? Adorbs!

5.14 058

  5 Responses to “DIY: Making Mens Shirts Girly”

  1. We used to do this with college tees all the time when I was in school. What better way to make the unisex tees you got for free look adorable?
    deva @ deva by definition recently posted..In the Morning

  2. Ahahahahaa these pictures crack me up!! What a fun idea.
    Andrea recently posted..Mrs webb in an interview suit.

  3. Hehe, this was seriously my middle school look. The key was also to show off your fancy bra straps. Yup. :)
    Elina (Healthy and Sane) recently posted..Oh hi, pumpkin!

  4. It works ! I love it, thank you!

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