Break Up Beauty

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When a few blends asked if I would like to join them to speak on a panel titled “Rising Above Negativity” at the 2011 Healthy Living Summit in Philadelphia, I jumped at the chance.  I am incredibly passionate about the Healthy Living Blogs community, and a tad bit of a blog-relations-nerd.  [I could literally talk about blogs, how and why we write what we write, internet relationships, and general community topics for days without a second thought.] After presenting on The Ups and Downs of Pressing Publish panel at last year’s Summit in Chicago, I felt I had a handle on what I was up for, and knew that it would be an amazing experience I would look back on with fondness.
The night before I left for Philadelphia, Nicholas and I had a conversation we both knew we needed to have at the time.  The way I saw it, we had been basically been acting as “just friends” for the past month, and our relationship status on Facebook was the only thing defining our being “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.”  I am so thankful for what Nicholas gave me during the first few months of our being together, but we both knew it had come to place where we needed to drop the act, re-examine our intentions and move forward.  Luckily, I still felt like we have a great connection together, and during our initial break-up conversation I had a feeling we would be close friends for a long time.

Even though Nicholas and I ended things on a great note [we actually hung out for a bit after the “break-up” – playing a game and laughing may be the best way to end a relationship] I still felt a sort of sadness.  I cried a few tears late Wednesday night, some in his arms, and some to my friend Megan on the phone.  Megan proved she understood me by stating exactly what I was feeling; “You aren’t sad that you lost him, because you haven’t.  You’re sad because of what he represents.”   I was still confused about my feelings for Nicholas, debating where we had gone wrong.  I was playing things over and over in my head that night, and I knew that a long weekend in Philadelphia with the ladies [and Evan ] was exactly what I needed. [update: N and I regrouped two weeks after I returned from HLS and decided to give our relationship another try.]


The next morning, as we headed to Philly in Courtney’s car, I started one of many explanations of the break up that I would tell over the course of the weekend.  Jen, Alicia, and Courtney were all super supportive and encouraging, as was everyone else I spoke to about the break up over the course of the weekend. Of course I was super excited to be at the Healthy Living Summit – making new connections, seeing old friends and learning a lot; but a part of me was also feeling sort of blue.  And I didn’t feel 100% secure in who I was.

At times like these I know that my heart is stunning, that I am capable of much, and that I am a wonderful friend.  I know that I have talents, and dreams, have achieved much, and will achieved more.  Still, insecurity in my outward appearance creeps up, and I find myself looking in the mirror, feeling all sorts of “Uhck.”


At these times when I find myself in need of a search for confidence, I turn to something that DOES make me feel beautiful; something physical that I can add to my appearance when I think my beauty is hiding. [Beauty is always THERE, sometimes you just need to uncover your opinion of it.]  Often, I take a few moments in front of the mirror to do some sprucing with an application of lip gloss and a few swipes of blush or eye shadow.  I don’t need to depend on make-up superpowers every day, but on the days that I really need a “I am beautiful pick me up” I put it on to do the rescuing of my self-view.

When I was getting ready to attend the Healthy Living Summit cocktail party on Friday night, I put on my dress and my heels, and stood back to look into the mirror.  I still felt blue. [and not only because my dress was navy ;)]  I was so thankful I had recently received some COVERGIRL LashPerfection™ Mascara to review.  It was the perfect pick-me-up to add a bit of pizzazz to my step.


Which explains why when I was feeling pretty crummy about myself while getting ready for our presentation on Saturday morning, I got out my magic wand again, and gave myself a few strokes of awesome, before heading in to talk about Rising Above Negativity.

Mascara-3 (1)

What I loved so much about the COVERGIRL LashPerfection™:

  • This mascara is not at all sticky or gooey like other mascaras I’ve tried in the past.
  • Mascara glides on smoothly and I didn’t have any clump-age.
  • My lashes not only looked longer, but definitely looked fuller, too.
  • Due to lashes looking as such, I caught myself making eyes at a boy.  Newly single girl on the prowl thanks to this confidence giving wand of magic.
  • I applied mascara Saturday morning before leaving my room for breakfast.
    I wore it all throughout the Summit presentations.
    I wore it to dinner and drinks.
    I wore it to the gay bar for dancing.
    I wore it back to the hotel for hanging out with my ladies.
    I slept in it and the next morning I ran in it.
    It didn’t smudge, run, or disappear even after my sweaty run.
    It’s like miracle mascara.

Mascara-5 (1)

What I didn’t love so much about the COVERGIRL LashPerfection™ Mascara:

  • This mascara is not water proof [though apparently sweat proof?] which was proven as I cried my eyes out in the shower Sunday morning. [but more on that later.]
  • When I first opened it, it smelled a bit like elementary school art room paint. Though, this went away after a few minutes.

I may have found a new favorite beauty-pick-me-up tool! Every time I caught a glimpse of myself wearing it in our hotel room, I would shout to Julie and Kelly, my roomies “have you seen my lashes?”  Smashing!


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Also, While we’re on the subject of make-up and looking great, you might want to check out the “Looking Your Best” posts in the Life Well Lived section of There are some great application tips and ideas for switching up your look for fall!

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77 thoughts on “Break Up Beauty

  1. cait

    this is fabulous! i had an interview for graduate school and i was so nervous trying to give the ‘right’ look..i used touch up make up to give me the boost that i felt confident and secure that i would get in. 🙂 makeup just makes you feel so much better!
    cait recently posted..Just Because….GIVEAWAY

  2. Heather W

    Mine was when I went to an interview for my current job. It was my first interview out of college. I bought a new outfit and took the time to do my make-up perfectly, making me feel more like an “adult”!

    I think I would go with Black #205

  3. Kelly

    When I decided to wear contact lenses more often, I definitely found myself looking at my face differently. I’m not one to wear makeup on an everyday basis, but I felt myself wanting to do something to give my face a little extra oophm – now that it wasn’t hiding behind my glasses. Now, whenever I wear my contacts, I also wear mascara. (and generally only mascara) It always seems to give me an extra boost of confidence knowing that I put a little bit of extra energy into my appearance.

    Although I am the blondest, most fair skinned person that I know, I would go with the Black 205. I’ve tried brown mascara before thinking it would be a little less drastic, but since my lashes and skin are so light to start with, going the next step up to black didn’t really make a difference….and it is an easier color to find, not all mascara’s come in brown 🙂
    Kelly recently posted..Restaurant Review: Hard Rock Cafe Louisville

  4. Alyssa @ Don't Look Down

    I would like to try the Black 205 shade although I think the Very Black would be a great choice for a night out on the town as well 🙂

    Interviewing for a new job is definitely a time when I used makeup to give myself more confidence. Not a lot of makeup but enough to cover up the blemishes and make me feel pretty. Interviews make me nervous so let’s just say I used a lot of deodorant that day too
    Alyssa @ Don’t Look Down recently posted..He had it comin’

  5. Nicole

    I don’t know if I’ve ever used makeup to add confidence (power from within ladies!), but I do love having long,dark sexy lashes to flash “the look” at my super cute hubs!

  6. Emily

    I wear make-up every day. But I think it really gives me that extra boost of confidence whenever I have a special event to go to 🙂

    you look wonderful by the way <3

  7. megan.

    I don’t really wear makeup other than occasionally mascara, but I’d love the Black 205 for those times that I DO wear it! I remember curling my eyelashes and putting on mascara the morning of my wedding day and feeling so excited and thrilled and pretty.

  8. Kat

    I don’t even OWN any makeup these days but I keep thinking I should buy mascara and now I think I know what kind I’m going to buy 😉

    Since I don’t usually wear makeup, I can’t give an example of a time I used it to help my confidence BUT when I’m feeling fancy, I’ll use an actual brush on my hair to get it nice and shiny! Does that count?

  9. Lindsey @ SoundEats

    Today! Ok, so it was a major/ “important” moment, but it’s the little things that count, yes? Anyway – I woke up feeling exhausted and like I was fighting off germs. Needless to say, the last thing I wanted to feel like when I had a crazy day ahead of me, topped off by getting my portrait taken for the work website. So – I blew dry my hair and put mascara on, and it was enough to carry me through my day and still leave me with a smile for my close up. 😉
    Lindsey @ SoundEats recently posted..Detox Pizzas

  10. nic

    Your eyes are such a striking color; they look like contacts! (They are your real color, right? Lucky.)

    I am not a big makeup gal but I wear mascara every day and on most days, I wear a super thin layer of eyeliner on my upper lid, too. I definitely agree that it makes a big difference in the confidence level.

    Some totally unsolicited advice: If you want to make your mascara (and, of course, your eyes) pop a more, you need to give your eyebrows some lovin’. Go to a pro eyebrow threader or waxer and get them shaped. You can maintain the brows yourself but I think a little pro help in figuring out the best shape for you would give you as much pep in your step as new makeup. It’s also a very low-cost indulgence. Win-win!

  11. Suzanne

    I was in college and I went with my class (and boyfriend) on a trip to NYC. As we were on the bus, I realized that I had left my makeup bag at home!

    Thank goodness for the “Love’s?” drug store in NYC. Where I bought a whole arsenal of makeup to use. I was going to need all the confidence I could muster especially since I would be meeting my boyfriend’s ex on this trip!!
    Suzanne recently posted..The ABC’s Of Me

  12. Amy Tong

    I’m not a make up person and usually don’t wear any or have very light make ups on. When I attend my husband’s company dinner, I wanted to look my best for him and I put full make up on and I sure felt great and more confidence meeting his colleges for the first time. 🙂 We both had a wonderful evening at the event.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it
    Amy Tong recently posted..Lavender Biscotti with Pistachio and Cranberries

  13. Kelly Massman

    I rarely wear makeup. I wear it for occasions like job interviewing when it can really boost my confidence!

    thanks also for a chance to win!

  14. Tina Renee

    Makeup gave me the extra boost of confidence I needed when I gave my first presentation at work!

    Tina Renee
    BlogHer username: warp65
    treneebarker at hotmail dot com

  15. Leann Lindeman

    I don’t wear makeup very often, but when I do it gives me the confidence to get through the day!!!

  16. Kaitlin

    I definitely needed makeup when I went to a job fair a few weeks back. I stressed so much the night before that I hardly slept. The makeup made me look alive 🙂

  17. Janice Cooper

    Make-up always gave me more confidence when I went to work. I love Mascara and would love to give CoverGirl a try especially since it doesn’t cause any clumps.

  18. Jean

    I got a really bad sunburn before my piano recital and applying some concealer makeup made me less conscientiousness of my red face and I performed successfully!

  19. Jen

    My eyes are my favorite feature and a stroke of eyeliner and mascara really make then pop…whenever I have it on, I automatically feel more confident!

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  21. Laura @ Joyful Shimmy

    I am right now working on this project of Owning my Beauty and exploring all things makeup related. I have learned how to apply it, what to buy, etc. Things that were completely uncomfortable once upon a time. I love beauty blogs as its helping me learn more about it
    Laura @ Joyful Shimmy recently posted..Spinning and Slush

  22. beveanne mckinley

    i was talking about this to my bets friends and in laws the one thing we all had in common on our wedding days (drumroll) covergirl mascara and feeling beautiful because of it

  23. angie

    I had my makeup professionally done for my wedding and it helped make my day brighter and, since I cried all the way down the isle, I am glad they used waterproof makeup! LOL I knew I would cry a lot during the wedding, so that was one less thing to worry about!
    angie recently posted..Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

  24. swedenesefamily

    When I have to go to my fiancee’s grandmother’s funeral I thought it best to put on some subtle makeup so that I could mourn and still have a respectable presence.

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