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Sep 262011
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Ever feel like you’ve completely over-booked your life and don’t have time to breathe, when truly, all you want to do is just sit and breathe?

Benson 09.2011 (12)

This week I’m facing some serious [yet exciting!] deadlines.  I’ve also got a few personal appointments to deal with, meetings to attend, and issues to figure out attack.  I’ve got some wonderful FUN plans, too, which I am thrilled about.  After all life is worth living, and I’m determined to remember that – especially when times get crazy-busy!

Instead of struggling through our daily time together here, over-exhausted and on time constraints to keep the conversation moving, I’ve asked a few favorites to stop by to share with us all. 

Benson 09.2011 (29)

The guest posts coming your way this week will be filled with an extra special treat: PETS!  Purrrrrfect timing with the addition of Benson at THS Headquarters, no?

Don’t you worry; it’s not going to be 100% photo stories of the cutest moments of our furry friends – we’re mixing things up with a pet-friendly DIY craft time, lessons in pet ownership, and more.  Though I’m sure there will be lots of cuddly cute faces! [and maybe a few reptile-y ones, too 😉 ]

[photo from Courtney: who captured some adorable time with Benson last week!]

Let’s start with some story sharing, shall we?

Do you have pets?  Tell us a funny/cute/favorite story about them in the comments section.
Don’t have a pet now, but have in the past? I want to hear those, too!
Never had a pet of your own?  Feel free to share a story about a pet of a friend!

Benson 09.2011 (22)

Fun pet stories are the silver lining, too, right?  Best way to start a Monday, perhaps?

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  20 Responses to “Fuzz-buckets”

  1. i love pet posts! 🙂

    right now i’m a one pet gal – we have our dog, capone! he does all kinds of silly things, but the most fun is that he will chase a reflection spot or laser pointer for hours. he’ll even run his nose into the couch trying to “catch” the reflection (not that we ever purposely shine a reflection onto the couch to see him do it… 😉 ).

    • oh, my! Benson goes BALLS TO THE WALLS over the laser! Best $4 I’ve ever spent. He LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES it. I feel I am helping him with his fitness by making him run in circles and crawl up the wall— one decision at a time, right? 😉

  2. Benson is still maintaining his dapper status. So cute. I love the daily wrestling matches my two cats have. Poor Aki just wants to be top kitty again and she just doesn’t have the muscles to take down Sheila.

  3. That last photo of Benson under the hat is sooooo cute!!

  4. ahhhh these pictures are too cute 🙂

    I’m a big pet lover, I currently have two cats that are brothers and a chihuahua…both of them have their cute stories..although i’d say the cats tend to be a little more of a pain in the butt. Despite that…I love watching them cuddle with each other and bathe each other. It makes me never want to seperate them ever…so cute. I also love that my dog does a butt dance whenever I walk into the room or whenever he gets super excited. Its alot of work taking care of all of them, but I wouldnt have it any other way, i’m in love with all of them!

  5. Benson is adorable! I am definitely a pet lover. We have a beagle named Sadie who is basically our child (I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s a person too!) Here’s a post devoted to her: http://simplycreativethings.com/2011/08/a-day-in-the-life-of-sadie/

  6. I have a puppy named Daisy that’s the light of my life! 🙂

    This weekend I took her to try on halloween costumes and blogged about it here: http://torontogirlwest.com/2011/09/my-puppy-and-the-goat

    • Nicholas found an adorable pirate costume we are considering for Benson 🙂 Or I may just dress myself up as witch and have Benson be my black cat 😉

  7. You know I love my little “circus dog” Max!

  8. I just wrote a pet story yesterday. About my sister’s chinchilla. Who I finally get to meet next weekend! 😀

    Love Benson. Such a cutie! I’m excited for “pet week”! 🙂

  9. I am having one of those overbooked days too, but here I am reading blogs! Haha. I have a bunny and a dog – a deaf pitbull, and my girlfriend has two dogs — a chihuahua and a rhodesian ridgeback. The only stories I can think of right now are gross — the big dogs have such serious bad gas sometimes that we have to light incense at night in order to not be startled awake by the smell. Ewwww vegetarian dogs = stink so bad you can taste it. Maybe they need to go gluten-free?

  10. Nicholas probably has told you about his cat that he got for his 8th birthday. He named him Alf, after one of his favorite TV shows. (If you are familiar with the show, Alf ate cats.) He was an awesome creature. He did not know that he was a cat, he thought that he was a people. He grew up to be a very TALL, 22 pound cat. He was so big, that when we had to take him to get one of his shots, we transported him in the laundry basket!!! And I know how you like to travel with laundry baskets 🙂

    • Nicholas HAS told me lots of stories about Alf. I am so sad that I never got to meet that wonderful creature!

      There is one specific story that I’ve heard a handful of times the past few weeks, which I absolutely ADORE – the story about Alfie visiting the woman who just lost her husband. It makes my heart SWELL every time he tells it!

      And although I’m sad I never got to meet Alf, I am MIGHTY HAPPY I got to spend some time with Trouble a couple of weeks ago. I just adore him! [and your Mother. I went on and on for days about how much I enjoyed hanging out with her.] Now if only I could hang out with YOU more!

  11. […] Pet Week Intro and your own pet stories in the comments. […]

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