Last Night

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Sep 252011

Last night was the celebration of my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary! Woot Woot! Congratulations to my awesome Shugarman Grandparents!


Before leaving for the party, there was a bit of a hotel-suite dance party while my brother, sister and I got ready. 


It has been such a great [but short!] weekend with my siblings!


The party was filled with good Polish food.  It was such a delightful way to celebrate our family and heritage together: lots of deliciousness!! 


The banquet hall was also filled with great conversation.  I met some family members who I haven’t ever met before.  Others I hadn’t seen since I was a toddler.  I was also able to see some cousins who I grew up quite close with, but haven’t seen for YEARS.  It was wonderful to catch up and get our party on. The drinks were flowing right along with the conversations 🙂


And the dancing? It was awesome!

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This morning I’m headed back to Albany. 
The trip to Chicago was WONDERFUL – full of great food, fantastic quality time with my family, and tons of fun.  I always get extremely sad/sappy when leaving my parents and siblings [I started crying at one point last night while watching my parents dance to “Open Arms.” Yes, I’m serious.] 
Even though I’m heartbroken to leave the fam, I am happy to have two stellar gentlemen to come back to New York to see: Nicholas and Benson.  Hooray for the silver lining 🙂