Sep 192011

Big News for all of you who have been interested in the discussion of negativity in the healthy living blogs community!

I’ve been spending a lot of time answering emails, partaking in interviews, discussing future events and so much more in terms of community, kindness, and rising above negativity in our blog-world.  There are many interesting events in the works – some of which are scheduled for release in the coming months, and I hope that those of you who are as interested in social media communtiy and using negativity to your positive advantage are as excited as I am for the unveilings to take place! 


The first big news I have for you is a great opportunity for those of you who wanted to hear more information from the Rising Above Negativity panel I was on at Healthy Living Summit!   I, along with the other panelists, will be recapping our presentation and continuing the discussion on the next #Fitblog Presentations webinar — Thursday, September 29th at 9 p.m. ET.

From the Fitblog Newsletter:

Join Brittany Mullins (Eating Bird Food), Julie Fagan (Peanut Butter Fingers), Courtney Horan (Sweet Tooth Sweet Life), and Heather Shugarman (Then Heather Said) as they discuss the darker side of blogging: Negative comments, mean-spirited emails, snarky tweets and media backlash. Even in a community filled with positive messages and supportive readers, a negative comment can deeply affect any blogger. This panel will discuss how to handle these types of issues and ways to rise above the negativity. 

The presentation will include a lot of our presentation originally given at the 2011 Healthy Living Summit, and is being presented online as part of #Fitblog Presentations.  The ladies and I have been in discussion for the past several weeks about the subject, and have even more to add to the conversation which I am sure we will get in to over the course of the evening.
Ready to register? There are currently less than 100 spots available for the webinar – so sign up NOW to reserve your spot!

  5 Responses to “Rising Above Negativity Webinar”

  1. I’LL BE THERE. ;)
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..Recovery

  2. I saw this presentation live, so I won’t be signing up, but just wanted to say that the picture of you is great. That was a fun night.
    Lisa @ I’m an Okie recently posted..Floating on the Breeze: Part 7

  3. […] heading out later this evening to meet up with the lovely Heather, so we can do a run-through of our webinar that we have scheduled for next week. It’s sure to be a fun […]

  4. […] her human, Julie, this evening.  Julie, Courtney, Brittany and I are having a little pre-webinar preparation […]

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