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Sep 112011

Today, I am flying, again.
I am a pro at flying.
Okay. That’s not so accurate.
Perhaps it would be better to say, I am a pro at hanging out at the airport.

As a matter of fact, the most informative, tip-packed posts on THS are airport and airplane related:

Self-proclaimed travel airport expert? Perhaps. On that note:

Today, I am spending time in airports, again.
Today, I am going to Gettysburg!  Yes, that’s right; Gettysburg! 
I’ve never been before and I am PUMPED. As in, when I first found out I was going to be going to Gettysburg, I may or may not have jumped up and down for a few minutes and then proceeded to tell everyone I saw for the next several days at least twice each.  [I am sure this shocks you.]

I am sure Gettysburg has A LOT of fun in store for THS, and probably a few #presidentialfunfacts, too. Woot!  Can’t wait to report back on my trip! I’ll be on the look-out for the ghost of Eisenhower and the spirit of Lincoln. And maybe the pancake of Lincoln, too.

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  1. Hey Heather!
    How exciting! My best friend lives in Gettysburg! Such a fun town! Have a great time! :-)

  2. LOVE that pancake! Have fun.
    Jess@atasteofconfidence recently posted..When the world stopped turning…

  3. […] Morning, friends!  I have quite a treat for you today while I’m in Gettysburg– a guest post from one of my favorite people I’ve met through the interwebs, Mindy!  Mindy […]

  4. […] it’s true. I’m back in the air, again. […]

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