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Jul 282011

Things I want to say, today:

1. Happy Thursday, people. 
[Thursdays have been my favorite day of the week for years, now. The reasons? A) Thursdays are Greys days. B) It’s the last day of the work week before things get “casual,” bringing a sweet anticipation to the air.  C) Yeah. That’s really it.]

2. Happy half-birthday, Nicholas.  Happy Birthday in July. [umm: oops. retraction.]
[I like to celebrate half birthdays. My friends, and former roommates, Kyle and Ashley and I took an impromptu trip to Galveston Beach at about 10:30 PM on my 24 1/2 birthday.  It was gorgeous and full of wishing.]
[The first real one-on-one conversation I remember having with Nicholas, he shared a story about his Mother and him celebrating his ‘birthday in July’ (inspired by Christmas in July).  The story of tradition and the way in which he spoke about his Mom warmed my heart in an exciting way.  This may have been the moment I started to form a little crush on Nicholas, now that I think about it.]

3. Be Kind; it is easy.
[The past few years I’ve tried to truly focus on making my daily actions be acts of kindness.  I want kindness to be a priority for me.  I am not perfect in kindness, and I need to remind myself – DAILY – to focus my heart in the direction of kind.  I want to share kindness with the world.  I want to embrace self-kindness, and kindness I receive from others.  One of the best things about kindness, in my opinion, is that kindness doesn’t have to be difficult.  Kindness can be quite easy.  Want proof?  Check out my suggestions on BranAppetit: 5 Little 5-Minute-or-Less Activities You Can Do to Spread Kindness.]

[ Because the world needs more hugs and kisses.]



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  2. I LOVE half birthdays!!! I always get a little (too) excited when I see others who celebrate them too. Mine is Saturday :-D

  3. Love this! I like to at least announce my half birthday, even though no one else seems to care haha. I really like the kindness portion of this :)

  4. […] of all, a note of retraction: yesterday was not Nicholas's half birthday.  Nicholas's half birthday was in June, as he was born in December.  Clearly I am a fool, and can […]

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