Jun 162011

In last several years, drinking a pop has become more and more of a rare occurance in my life; but every so often I love to indulge in the sweet, bubbly goodness. 

When my favorite local coffee shop started selling Saranac soda in their case, a little thought bubble appeared above my head.  One warm, sunny, start of summer day I stopped for a carton of Vanilla Bean ice cream on my way to J. Watt’s Barista House and asked Dan, the barista, to do me the honors of creating the creamy deliciousness known as a root beer float.

It was perfect.  This is why:  It tasted like youth and like summer and like some sort of treasure.  It tasted like poetry.

A poem from Gianna, a second grader:

Rootbeer Float, Rootbeer Float, Rootbeer Float,
Cold, Rootbeer, Big Root beer,
Rectangle,Watery, Sweet RootbeerFloat,
Last of all,best of all,
Creamy,Rootbeer Float

Why don’t you get yourself a sip of that treasure some time this week, too?

For more Root Beer goodness:

  3 Responses to “Why Don’t You: Float Rootbeer Treasure”

  1. Click my link to see my friend Mollie’s blog with totally insane looking root beer cake.
    Capitol to Capital recently posted..A Saga of the Unprepared

  2. Not fair, it’s really difficult to get root beer here and when you do find it, it’s expensive. I’m going to spend the rest of the day, feeling hard done by now!!
    Nic Dempsey recently posted..Things I learnt yesterday

  3. Now I’m totally craving one! My plans for this evening have officially been amended to include a root beer float-Yum!
    Jessica @ LiveLaughLunch recently posted..Home Lunch!

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