Daily Archives: May 31, 2011

Workout Wonder Woman

As I’m living it up in Texas, my dear friend Liane lent her hilarity for your reading pleasure.

Liane is someone I talk to every single day via email, and I can’t even begin to tell you the dedication this woman has to getting a killer work out in.  In the last few months I’ve heard her stories about gym trips, training runs, fighting through yoga DVDs, and almost tossed my cookies just thinking about the list of exercises she is knocking out during the various boot camps she tackles through out the week. 

After six weeks of our sharing work out stories, Liane compiled the following list noting the changes in her life.  As someone who has made quite a few changes in my own healthy living in the past few years, I found myself laughing, nodding along the way.

What Liane learned after 6 weeks of working out like a mad woman:

You might be a work-out wonder woman if…..

  1. 4 athletic bras aren’t nearly enough.
  2. The pile of boots and high heels that used to be scattered at your front door are now replaced by 4 pairs of running shoes, 3 pairs of ballet flats and a pair of flip flops ; heels are the devil to your sore calves.
  3. Lululemon Groove and Astro pants are awesome for stretching, Pilates, yoga and Barre fitness, but should never, ever, under any circumstances, be worn for running, strength training or boot camp.
  4. You realize calm, zen, spa like rooms fitted with ballet bars are deceptive. It might seem easy, but will hurt like hell.
  5. The crumpled bags of potato chips that used to hide under your car’s seats have made way for reusable water bottles. Sudden braking now sounds like waves crashing in the ocean.
  6. Speaking of your car, the trunk now doubles as extra storage for your yoga mats, tennis rackets and Costco flats of water.
  7. You can convert kilometers into miles in 10 seconds or less
  8. Your living room resembles a physiotherapist office. Mat? Check. Foam Roller? Check. Exercise Ball? Check. Tiger tail? Check. Pilates Strap? Check. Medicine Ball? Check. Random tennis and golf balls? Check. Thawed cold pack? Check.
  9. Categorizing your workout wear by activity is how you help ensure you don’t accidentally wear inappropriate clothing at 5:45AM. [See #3]
  10. You forget how long your hair has grown because it spends 99.9% of the time pulled up with an elastic band.
  11. Light rain, heavy rain, sideways falling rain are all fine for outdoor athletic endeavors, but you should probably reconsider when the thunder rolls.
  12. Your weekly laundry pile has increased 4 fold.
  13. Your morning commute seems 5 times longer the day after a lower body workout given the incredible soreness you will experience each and every time you use the clutch and change the gear. (this only applies to 5 speed vehicles, automatic are for wimps)
  14. You can accurately explain the difference between mountain climbers, twist planks, side planks and running planks.
  15. 9:00 PM is a perfectly acceptable bed time.
  16. You realize you haven’t stopped by Starbucks during their half price Frappucino happy hour because you’d rather not spend an additional 45 minutes at the gym sweating off the calories.