Daily Archives: May 30, 2011

Silent Stories

For the past two weeks I’ve been taking photos.  Keeping my camera at an arms reach at all times, I’ve been capturing memories as they happen around me. Telling stories of what I’ve done and where I’ve been and who I’ve met along the way.

Knowing I was going to be on vacation for ten days, I planned to take some time while in Texas to tell you these stories. I wanted to share the lessons I’ve learned and the best way I know how – with pictures worth a thousand words.

There seems to be a bit of a problem with this plan now, as I’ve somehow lost my camera.
Therefore, the memory card of several hundred photos I’ve taken throughout the last several weeks, which of course, I hadn’t yet moved to my computer, is also missing in action.  [including my photo-a-day project, days 136-146, which is the most frustrating if you ask me.]

Of course, I didn’t notice my camera was missing until I was packing late Friday evening, rummaging around my apartment in hopes that I just so happened to accidentally store it in an unexpected place.  Maybe I set it in the pantry while I was grabbing that bag of marshmallows.  Or perhaps it fell out of my purse when I was searching for my key.   
When I still could not locate it after several hours of searching, I called the bar I visited Thursday night, hoping someone turned it into the lost and found – but no dice.
I suppose there is a possibility that I left it at my office while a bit hung-over on Friday morning, and my friend Kristine is going to check on Tuesday.  Until then, I will just wait.
I fear, however, that the possibility that my camera is lost and gone forever may be the case. 

The good news?
While in Texas, I can use my mother’s awesome camera.


I’m trying to see the silver lining life lesson in this event as well.
Maybe these stories are so special they don’t need photos to be remembered.
Maybe these memories are strong enough to exist on their own.
Maybe it’s time I try and force myself to find the right words.


Or maybe it’s just time for a new camera?