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What Dobby Taught Joy

Hey friends! I asked my friend Joy, and her puppy Dobby, to share some healthy living lessons with us while I prepare for my vacation.  Enjoy!

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Hi! Iā€™m Joy from More Than EDNOS.  Today I’m going to talk about what my dog has taught me about healthy choices.

Dobby is a two year old chocolate standard poodle. And he frequently reminds me how smart poodles are šŸ˜‰ so it’s possible to learn a lot from him.

ā€œEat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.ā€ says Dobby

  • He has "nuggies" down all the time and will graze throughout the day.
    • I am on a meal plan and HOPE to someday eat intuitively.

ā€œMeet strangers like friends.ā€ says Dobby

  • Dobby goes up to each person/dog/cat or horse as if they are the best friend he just hasn’t met yet – often this leads to a game of fetch or a fun tussle
    • I’m really working on greeting everyone I meet with a genuine smile and appropriate greeting.

ā€œEnjoy your workouts and they’re not work.ā€ says Dobby

  • Dobby will happily walk the streets of Boston on a leash with me in a heel BUT for him that’s school the fun is when he gets to romp in the woods (and swim if daddy’s with us) and that is when he uses up that poodle energy
    • Until Dobby, my workouts consisted of 5 miles on the treadmill and the 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by a weights circuit every single day. Now they include long walks or runs in the woods or steep hikes up hill/mountain sides and frequent games of toss the ball, occasional running up and down the stairs, sit-ups on the dock while the poodle swims, yoga in the forest, push-ups in the living room while the ball rolls under me. Itā€™s an endless list of enjoyment!

ā€œRest time and cuddle time are very important.ā€ says Dobby

  • After a walk or a stressful afternoon Dobby knows that he needs time to unwind and will pick a spot (preferably my lap) and doze away.
    • I spent many years feeling like I had to be DOING something All! The! Time! So resting was foreign.  Thanks to Dobby, I get it now… and I enjoy it!

ā€œA doctor (vet) is a friend who wants to help you.ā€ says Dobby

  • Dobby doesn’t dread his appointments at all he simply grabs his favorite pink squeaky ball and heads in. The Doctor is just another friend.
    • I still struggle with this one and push back appointments as much as possible.

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Lastly is one that is more specific to those trying to recover from ED:

ā€œNo purging!ā€ says Dobby

  • My dog is a very quiet dog.  He doesn’t bark, growl or make noises normallyā€¦.until I would go to purge then he would sit at the bathroom door and howl.  It was as if someone were hurting him and that someone was me.  I admit that it still happens BUT very rarely! nowhere near the 4-6 times a day it used to be… Dobby said no!

Thank you Heather, for letting me share with you and your readers I hope Dobby was able to teach you something, too!