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You Should Know

It’s been a while since I pointed out some of the exciting changes taking place on this space of the interwebs. Better get to it, eh?

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Reminder [just in case you may have forgotten]: 
My name is Heather, and this is what I said.


If you have a Kindle, I have some exciting news for you! You can now subscribe to THS via your Kindle for a simple 99 cents a month.  Steal of a deal, right?  

  • Kindle Blogs are auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle and updated throughout the day so you can stay current.
  • It’s risk free—all Kindle Blog subscriptions start with a 14-day free trial. You can cancel at any time during the free trial period. If you enjoy your subscription, do nothing and it will automatically continue at the regular monthly price.


if you can’t get enough Heather in your life, check out the Where’s THS tab for an over-sharing of information as to where you can find me lurking online,  blogs where I’ve guest posted, and sites I’ve been featured.   


I keep a list of favorite posts I’ve read over time.  I want to share information and art that I find valuable and relatable with you, so I created the Posts Page for your reading pleasure.


In celebration of my golden year, on my 28th birthday, I shared a list of goals I plan to conquer during my 28th year.  You can track my progress on these goals on the set of 28 in 28 pages, one for each goal I recently created. [I’m especially fond of this ambiguous list.]


Did you notice?  I’m now working hand in hand with Blogher Publishing Network. I have a mile-long list of what I love about Blogher, and am feeling so blessed to be a part of this fantastic group of publishers, being able to work with such an amazing staff as Blogher has grown.