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HLS 2010 Regrets

Do you remember last summer when I traveled to Chicago to speak on a panel about the pressures of blogging at the Healthy Living Summit

In preporation for the trip many fantastically fun folks are taking to Baltimore this weekend for the Fitbloggin’ Conference, I’m sharing my top 3 HLS2010 regrets over at Poise in Parma today!  

Head on over and learn all about what I would change if I could do it all over again.

Judge Me

Would you judge me if….

self 133 

…I added each and every one of these books* to my wish list:


…you knew that I used “Wildcat” as a pet name for my ex, thanks to High School Musical, and more specifically, Zac ‘Dreamboat’ Efron. Swoon.


…I told you that running eight miles means nothing in comparison to trail-less hiking and free climbing rocks. I was breathless and moving quite slowly, feeling completely out of shape climbing to the tip top of the property with three fearless friends on a recent trip to the lake.


…I admitted to adding “rewrite list” to the top of my to-do list at the office each day. 


…you noticed I spent well over 20 hours watching [and rewatching] the Creative Live Penny De Los Santos food photography interactive web class this past weekend regardless of the fact that I rarely photograph food, and only use my Kodak EasyShare point-n-shoot and blackberry curve camera.  I took over a dozen pages of notes and left the class each day feeling like I had learned so much about how to improve my writing.


…the plan is to tell you more about each of these little bullets some day soon….

self 134

*thanks to Kelsey for the heads up of the existence of these books.