Daily Archives: May 16, 2011

14.28 Award

It’s Monday.
As you know.
Because you are reading this today.
Unless you are reading this tomorrow, or the next day, or any of the four days after that. 
Then you should listen to this: It is Monday….as I write this.


If by some chance you are reading this in a week from today, congrats, you’ve managed to land on this post on another Monday.  You deserve some sort of award.  No, really.  I hereby grant you the award of 14.28%.  Congratulations.


So, as you now know, dear award winner [unless you are reading this on the original Monday in which I have written it, or any other day of the week; in which case I apologize for slighting you on the whole award thing.  Let’s try again later.]  it is Monday.


That’s really all I have to say.  Other than, you know, you should watch this:

Fitblog Plank Challenge

Number of times a day I think, “I should do some core work”: 17, on average

Number of emails I send the participants of the #BBChallenge asking they remind me to do strength training each week: approximately 3

Number of days my entire upper body was sore after free climbing rocks during recent hike because my muscles are not as strong as they could be: 2

Number of excuses I have for why I don’t make time for ST: 437

Number one reason: I am lazy

self 33

Solution: The #Fitblog Plank challenge


The challenge starts today and you can join us by setting your own challenge program based on your own abilities and goals.

The challenge is six weeks long and you can learn more by checking out the official challenge page!

So tell me – who’s in?  Knowing myself and my work out habits, I know that doing this challenge WITH people will help me to get the job done.  I need that extra pressure, encouragement and accountability to accomplish the things I want to make a priority but simply haven’t done so yet.

Here goes nothing….