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Get Crafty: Silhouette Art

Today seems like a great day to get crafty, right?

I’ve got another super fun magazine craft tutorial for you; and did I forget to mention it’s SUPER EASY, too? [like you would expect anything less from me, really.]

Previous magazine tutorials, for your crafting pleasure:


This silhouette art collage is a great gift to make, as it can be designed around a specific memory or made to reflect the personality of your loved one.  In this example, I made a cross design for a pastor friend.


Materials needed:

  • canvas board/panels of desired size, [for this project I used 8 x 10]
  • magazines for ripping
  • Modge Podge
  • foam brush


Note on materials: Canvas panels are relatively inexpensive.  I got a 3 pack of 8×10 boards for less than $8 at a major craft store.  For an even farther “recycled” gift, you could cut a piece of sturdy cardboard from a box to use as your base/board.



Step 1: Decide on color pallet.  I like to use two agreeable colors that are slightly contrasting.  In this example I used purples and yellows.  These work well because I could gravitate towards deep, dark purples and brighter, lightening golden yellows.

Step 2: Sketch out design on paper, if necessary.  Because the cross is a simple shape, I didn’t spend too much time on this.

Step 3: Flip through magazines and rip out pieces and pages that work within your color pallet until you have a good pile of each color.

Step 4:  Tear colored pages into smaller, coin sized pieces.  I love the rough look and try not to keep any straight edges on the small magazine pieces.


Step 5: Using the foam brush apply a thin covering of Modge Podge to the area of board you want to start covering with magazine pieces.  Continue to apply pieces in the formation of your sketch.

Notes for this step:

  • This can seem intimidating, as you are basically applying pieces freehand.  Don’t be afraid – dive in!
  • If your design is especially complicated you could sketch it with pencil on the canvas before you start to layer magazine pieces.  Don’t feel like you need to stay on the sketch 100%, though.  Allow yourself to break the edges.
  • When making a Modge Podge collage, there aren’t really any “mistakes” because you can always cover up an area you don’t like with another piece of paper.
  • The idea is to overlap the pieces coming from different directions.  You don’t want to start 100% in the middle and move outward, or start on the edge and move inward – I like the entire piece to be overlapped from various directions.


Step 6: When you have finished setting all the magazine pieces to form your design, gently brush a thin layer of Modge Podge over the entire canvas and set to dry for several hours.

For an extra special touch, write a note on the back of the piece.  Don’t forget to sign and date it!